Three Books I’m Currently Reading

I love a good quick post at the moment while I’m trying to get through my long list of posts to put together, so today that’s what I’m here with. So you’ve seen the title—let’s talk about the three books I’m currently reading!

Jade City by Fonda Lee

For the last few days, I’ve been very slowly making my way through Jade City. It’s such a unique and detailed world that I find I can only read a few chapters at a time before I need to take a little break to think about and process what I’ve just read. It’s one of those books that works really well like that though so I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m only 48 pages in at the moment, so I don’t feel like I can pass much more of a judgement than that. I think I’ll probably pick up the pace with this one once I get a little further into the story, but for right now I’m really enjoying taking it slow and just enjoying where Fonda Lee is taking the story. I’m hoping to be able to pass this one onto my brother if it ends up being something I think he’ll like too, so crossing fingers on all accounts here!

Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

This one is actually a reread for me, but for the whole purpose of getting to continue the rest of the series. I’ve been using this as my commute read—that is to say it stays in my work bag and I read it on the train, on my lunch break and on the way home. Because of that it’s kind of slow going, but again, I’m enjoying the experience of it. The first time I read this one I was so immersed that I read it in a matter of hours, so getting to take my time with it this time around makes for an interesting read. I’m still hoping to finish this one off, probably by Monday evening, so that I can move onto book two and then hopefully book three by the end of May. I’m thinking of doing some kind of post on this—maybe a series review, but I haven’t decided for sure yet, I guess it depends on when I finish it and how much time I have then!

Emma by Jane Austen

And just to keep things interesting, I’m also reading Emma right now. I was just very much feeling in a classics mood after rereading Jane Eyre for class and I figured it was about time I bit the bullet and read this. After Emma, I just have Sense and Sensibility left to read and then I’ve finished all of Austen. What does one do after they finish all of Austen? Is there a support group for this sort of thing? I have to admit that I don’t love Emma, both the book itself and the character. I definitely appreciate what Austen is doing but it’s not quite on the level of some of the others for me. I’ll definitely be doing a post about this one as well—I’m planning to decide on my ‘official rankings’ of Austen’s novels once I’ve gotten around to Sense and Sensibility as well, so watch out for that if it’s something you might be interested in.

And that’s everything I’m reading right now. If you’re ever interested in seeing more things like this or full lists of what I read in a month, my channel is definitely the best place to do that! I’m trying to get to 800 subscribers, so if you have the time I’d very much appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “Three Books I’m Currently Reading

  1. I find it so impressive that you can read three books at one time! I usually do two at a time, but one has to be an audiobook or my brain just can’t handle all the information haha. I hope you enjoy your reads and rereads!


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