WebToons I Really Like + Some I Want To Get To

Ones I’m Enjoying Right Now

Lore Olympus

This was the first one I was recommended and the one I’m most in love with by far. I’m 35 chapters in and I probably would’ve finished it all in a single day if I hadn’t decided to pace myself. This is filled with stunning art—truly, the colour palette is this is just incredible and there are certain frames that I swear could hang on the wall of an art gallery. I think because this is based on Greek mythology, even with a modern twist, that it made it a little easier for me to get into. Sometimes I struggle a bit with comics in that there’s so much going on and I tend to get so intrigued by the art that I forget about the actual words and story going on. All of the Webtoons formats mean that you’re just scrolling through the story like you would if you were looking through Twitter or something, so that has definitely made it a lot easier. But like I was saying, with this being Greek mythology, it’s nice having a basic idea of where the story is going to go so that I can take the time to look at the art without getting too lost.

Finding Wonderland

This is a relatively new one to this list—I just started reading it in the last two days but I’m definitely intrigued by it. As you may have guessed from the title, this is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland but in a darker form. In this Wonderland, Alex is the Ace of the Queen’s army as they try and fight against the Black Knave who has released these things called Nightmares into Wonderland. Of course, because it’s Alice in Wonderland, it’s a little more twisted and complicated than just that. I am actually up to date with this one as there are only seven episodes out at the moment but I’m very intrigued to see where this one is going to go from here. I think this will be a really fascinating series so definitely keep an eye out for it if you use the app!

Spells from Hell

This is another new one on my list and I’m admittedly not very far into it, but I think it’s really fun so far. This is kind of a fantasy romance, maybe a bit of a star-crossed lovers sort of thing. One of our protagonists is a human college student, and the other a fox spirit from another realm. I’m only five episodes in but so far it’s been kind of adorable and I’ve really been enjoying trying to guess what’s happening and where it’s going to go. There are already over 20 episodes of this already so I have a bit to catch up on yet, but it’s super cute and I can’t wait to do that. Honestly, this is the kind of story I’d only pick up in this format but I’m so glad I have because it’s a serious joy to read so far!

Heir’s Game

If you’re in the need for a gay fantasy with some kind of Three Musketeers/swashbuckling elements to it then look no further than Heir’s Game. Honestly, this is such a great one—it has a really cool art style and feels like basically a great mix of classic fantasy tropes but with a twist. There are three seasons of this already and I’m on the tenth episode of the first one, but I’m just really enjoying the journey so far. I didn’t realise how much I needed this comic in my life until I started reading it, so obviously I’d highly recommend it to all of you too. I also think if you’re not super comfortable with comics yet but you want to try them then this is a good place to start—it’s really easy to follow, it’s very engaging and all that good stuff.

Ones I Want To Get To

Rooftops and Roommates

This follows Jeb who is an architecture major in college doing all the usual college stuff—you know, studying, partying and whatnot. Only he’s also a gargoyle and no one knows. Like, excuse me? Yes, please! I don’t really know why but I’m definitely feeling these fantasy comics at the moment. I’m honestly not sure if this one has any romance or anything in it but it sounds kind of funny and maybe a little cute as well so I’ll definitely be giving it a go. I kind of feel like I should try and catch up with some of these other ones before I start any new ones, but who knows if that’ll actually work out.

Suitor Armor

If you can look at that cover and say you’re not even a little bit interested then I don’t really know what to tell you. There’s just something about it that makes me go ‘yes, yes I would like to know exactly how this happened’. I actually know basically nothing about this plot at all. I literally saw the title and the cover and instantly added it to my list of things to read. Again, will I wait to start this one after I’ve caught up with some of the others or am I too desperate to know exactly what this one is about? Only time will tell.

Brimstone and Roses

This is really just your standard fake dating story, you know? Girl finds out her ex will be at her sister’s wedding so she decides to summon a demon to be her date. It’s what we’d all do. No but seriously, this sounds like a ridiculous amount of fun especially since it mentions that the demon is incredibly hot and sarcastic. That sounds like the sort of thing I need to be reading! There are already 70 episodes of this so I definitely have plenty to read if I end up enjoying it. The main character, Bea, also totally reminds me of one of my best friends which is a little creepy but also kind of cool. She’d totally be the type to summon a demon too just for laughs. (Sorry Katey, if you’re reading this, but you know it’s true!)

Madame Outlaw

As you might be able to guess, this is a historical. It’s set in 1842 and follows a woman escaping a marriage to the man who killed her brother by going out on the Oregon Trail. I mean the name sounds badass, and the character certainly looks it in the promotional poster, right? I’m thinking maybe there’s a chance of another romance, but I don’t really know. I don’t really know what else to expect from this one but it is relatively new so there’s a chance I could catch up!

Unholy Blood

This is a little more of a straight up supernatural/paranormal thing. The synopsis says that vampires ruin this girl, Hayan’s, only chance at a normal life and she decides to take it into her own hands to destroy them instead. It mentions that there’s a supporting character who helps her, so maybe there’s some romance there too. Can you tell that I’m very much in a romance story mood at the moment? What can I say? Romance makes everything better. Anyway, this has got over 80 chapters and is still going so this is another one I’ll definitely be dedicating some time to if I end up enjoying the first few chapters.

And with that, we’re at the end of the post for today! I’d love to hear if you use WebToon and if you have any recommendations, or if you’re going to try any of these yourself! Until then, I will see you all again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “WebToons I Really Like + Some I Want To Get To

  1. Yes yes yes! I read all of these apart from Heir’s Game, but I’ll look it up 🙂 Do you fast pass LO? 🙂


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