I Let My Friends Pick My Book Haul: Eli and Inge

Today I wanted to share the next two videos in my ‘I Let My Friends Pick My Book Haul’ series. Today with two extremely lovely friends of mine—Eli and Inge. Also, I just realised I used the same image for both videos and I don’t know which one it was originally for because I filmed these months ago. But anyway!

Eli and I have been friends for a couple of years now, and we basically talk every day now. We always have a good laugh together (or cry about Uni work), and I’m really glad that we became friends. Eli was one of the first people I asked to pick out books for me because I knew he’d pick out some ones I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out myself…and one I promised him I’d read almost a year ago. But watch the video to find out what those are:

If you followed me over here from Of Wonderland, then you obviously know Inge. She and Aly very lovingly welcomed me onto Of Wonderland in 2017 and supported me all the way through and onto this blog. But before that, Inge was my critique partner and friend. Honestly, I could go on for hours about how amazing Inge is. She’s truly one of the sweetest and most supportive people I’ve ever met. She’s just a completely gorgeous human being inside and out, and if you’re lucky enough to have her in your life I’m sure you’ll agree. I knew that whatever books Inge picked out for me that it would probably end up being like a warm hug from the other side of the world, and I definitely wasn’t wrong.

I’m really enjoying doing these videos, so I’m excited to share my next few videos in another two months time. Until then, I’ll see you all again tomorrow.

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