Authors I Want To Read For The First Time

One of my prompts for this month’s bingo board is to read a new-to-me author, which got me thinking—who am I going to pick? I had a quick look through my shelves and decided I’d share some of my choices with you all today!

Joan He

I’m putting Joan He on the list knowing that I’ll be picking up The Ones We’re Meant To Find sometime this week, or maybe even before this post goes live. Angel and I will be discussing this one soon, so if you’re interested in that keep an eye out on Angel Reads for that. But anyway, I’ve been interested in reading Joan He’s books for a while, but I didn’t end up buying Descendant of the Crane until this one was released. Clearly I haven’t picked that one up yet either but I hope to before the end of the year if I can squeeze it in.

Rin Chupeco

I’ve been unsure about picking up Rin Chupeco’s book for a while and then in June I was like ‘screw it’ and bought The Bone Witch. I’m also hoping to read this one this month, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some of my thoughts about this one with you all very soon as well. I’ve heard some mixed things about it, but a couple of my close friends have also loved it so I’m not really sure where I’m going to sit with this one.

Nnedi Okorafor

I feel like I’m basically the last person on Earth to read Nnedi Okorafor but I’m just not a huge sci-fi reader. I picked out The Black Pages because it’s part of one of those Amazon First Reads things and it seemed like a low-risk way to give her books a chance, but also I was already interested in a few of the others so why not? I have absolutely no idea what this one is about, but here I go anyway!

Dahlia Adler

I don’t really know when I found out about Dahlia Adler’s work but she’s been on my radar for a little while now. You’re probably stating to sense a theme here in that I’ve bought a book from most of these authors this year and now I just need a push to read them. I bought Cool for the Summer a little while ago and now I’m just waiting to get to it when I have some time in a week or two.

Nova Weetman

It’s not a proper list until I’ve got at least one Australian on the list. I’ve been meaning to get to Nova Weetman’s books for literally years and just haven’t for whatever reason. But that all changes now! Or you know, sometime before the end of this year. Weetman’s books are all middle-grade so they seem like sweet, fun reads.

Alix E. Harrow

I actually own two of Alix E. Harrow’s books now—I bought Once and Future Witches earlier this year and then The Ten Thousand Doorways on January was a Kindle deal the other day, so I grabbed it while I had the chance. A lot of people seem to real love her books so I’m hoping I’ll be one of them too!

And that’s it for today. Which authors are you hoping to pick up this year?

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