Books I Bought Because of Other Books

You’ve seen the title—today I’m talking about some books I’ve bought because other books. So let’s not waste anytime and get straight into the list.

The Five Wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quade because of Angie Cruz

This was really the book that started this whole post. I bought The Five Wounds back in July because it just gave me Angie Cruz vibes. I don’t know how alike the stories or the writing will be but something about it just made me feel like Kirstin Valdez Quade might be the author to fix the Angie Cruz shape in my heart until she comes out with her next book.

The Amazons by Adrienne Mayor because of SPQR by Mary Beard

This one actually came in the form of a Goodreads recommendation. When I finished SPQR, I went searching for some other Mary Beard books to read and one that came up among those was The Amazons. I love history books that look at women’s place in the world at specific times in history so this instantly went onto my to-buy list.

Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff because of Confronting the Classics by Mary Beard

Turns out Mary Beard is a good way to find recommendations, I guess? I was really unimpressed by Confronting the Classics—it’s basically a watered down version of SPQR but via book reviews. Cleopatra was one of the books Beard review and while it didn’t get the best review, it does seem to be one of the better biographies on Cleopatra.

A Man Lay Dead by Ngaio Marsh because of Agatha Christie

I’ve been searching for a. mystery author who makes me feel like Agatha Christie does for years now, so when I heard about Ngaio Marsh I jumped at the chance. She was a New Zealander, which obviously is a lot closer to home than the UK. This is the only one on the list that I have read, but I have another post coming up in a few weeks where I talk about my thoughts on Marsh at length, so I’ll save that until then.

But for now that’s today’s post. What books have you bought because of others? Let me know in the comments below.

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