About Ely

Ely is a 26 year-old book person from Melbourne, Australia.

Since starting blogging in 2012, Ely has joined a number of book blogs, started her own Booktube channel (also EarlGreyBooks), and book club, Stella Project. She contributes monthly to Angel Reads as of 2020, and contributed to Of Wonderland from 2017 to 2020.

She’s a writer and disability advocate, holding an Honours degree in Literature, specifically looking at Disability representation in Young Adult fiction.

Nowadays, she studies Art History in Meloburne. She passes her free time drinking copious amounts of tea, collecting Tarot decks, dreaming of new places to travel to and taking excessive amounts of pictures of Percy.

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About Percy

Percy is a five-year-old rescue cat and the mascot of Earl Grey Books.

Like his mum, he is a lover of literature (especially when he gets to sit on books). He’s also a big fan of bottle caps, ripping up important documents like essays and meowing at all hours of the night.