Art Books I’d Gladly Spend All My Money On

Since officially becoming an art history student earlier this year, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at beautiful art books. So today I thought I’d turn that into something a little more productive, and share with you all a couple of books I’d willingly spend all of my money on.

The Art of Feminism: Images that Shaped the Fight For Equality, 1857-2017

I’ve been eyeing this particular art book off ever since it was published in October 2018. This was the first book talking about feminism and art in this way that I ever saw, but while putting this post together I found about eight others. I still think this is the one I want to start with, at least without being able to actually see any others in person right now.

Artemisia by Letizia Treves

One of my favourite artists of right now is Artemisia Gentileschi. To put it simply, she’s a badass both on and off the canvas. I’m not going to go into her story here, but I highly recommend looking her up if you haven’t heard of her before. She’s such an incredible painter that I just want to buy all the books I can find on her.

Mirror Mirror: Self Portraits by Women Artists by Liz Rideal, Whitney Chadwick and Frances Borzello

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m really intrigued by female artists. I’m particularly interested in self-portraiture (mostly thanks to Borzello’s book Seeing Ourselves). This sounds like it could be a really interesting look into the topic, and honestly it’s just gorgeous anyway.

The Militant Muse: Love, War and the Women of Surrealism by Whitney Chadwick

One of my favourite bookshops—The Bookshop at Queenscliff, frequently posts photos of their beautiful windows and basically make me want to buy everything. This one featured the other day, and instantly I was like ‘that’s Frieda, and thus I need this’. What can I say? I’m a simple girl, I see Frieda Kahlo—I geek out. Honestly, there’s a very high chance I’m going to order this one the next time I make an order.

Do you also like spending all of your money on art books? Do you have any recommendations?

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