2018 Project | Unhauls

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my 2018 project series today. Just jumping right away, we’re talking about the ones I’ve unhauled.

Mythology by Edith Hamilton

I wrote a post a little while back on Of Wonderland about how I was feeling exhausted by mythology retellings lately. I still held onto this one thinking I’d probably get to it later. But I read the introduction and decided just to get rid of this one. It probably didn’t help that I had a very old copy of this from the 70s that just has really tiny font and made it very hard to read. I’m not completely writing this one off—I think maybe with a different edition and at a different time that I might enjoy this.

City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMeer

I don’t know if anyone else does that thing where you like one book by an author and you end up loving it, so you decide you want to read everything by them. That’s what happened with me for Jeff VanderMeer. But then when it came down to it I realised I don’t actually care enough to try and read this massive 700 page book when I have so many others on my shelf that I could be dedicating my time too instead.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Remember when everyone was talking about this book? I bought into the hype and ended up getting this one, and then never thought about reading it. I very rarely care about celebrities books’, so I just had to be honest with myself and admit that Amy Poehler was one of those celebrities I just didn’t really care about. I have to admit that I don’t even really like Parks & Rec, so I don’t really know what I was doing thinking I was suddenly going to care about Amy Poehler’s career beyond the work she does for young women.

So We Read On by Maureen Corrigan

I love reading books about books. I also really love The Great Gatsby—it’s one of my absolute favourite books. But I think it’s maybe just one of those books I want to keep enjoying and making my own decisions about, rather than reading an entire book on the subject. I also haven’t thought about picking this one up since I bought it, so I think that’s definitely a sign that it needs to move on. (Just like Gatsby from Daisy…and that’s the Gospel truth).

Adult Fantasy by Briohny Doyle

I was super excited about this book when it was first announced. I loved Briohny Doyle’s debut novel, and she was also a tutor at my past Uni. I just realised that my life has gone in the complete opposite direction of what this seems to be. I just don’t think this would be helpful for me moving forward at all, if anything I feel like it could mess with my mental health a bit. There’s also I’m just too young for this—I’m almost 25, but I have no idea what age this is supposed to be relevant for?

Court of Lions by Jane Johnson

I got sent this one for review, and of course, I really appreciate that but I don’t know that it’s really the short of thing I’d like at all. The cover is absolutely stunning, and honestly I like the title a lot. It follows a woman in Spain who finds this message from the 15th century in a city wall or something? It sounds intriguing, but enough to really make me want to pick it up. I feel like I’ve read that same story before.

So with those done, I have 9 books remaining for this project. I’m hoping to be back again later in the month with another couple of them marked off.

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