Tarot Decks I’d Spend All My Money On

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you might know that I’m a little obsessed with tarot decks. I own way more than any one human needs already, but I’m always on the look out for more. So here are five decks I would totally buy if I had the money.

Star Spinner Tarot

I don’t have a lot of super colourful, modern tarot decks—they aren’t really my style, but this one is beyond gorgeous. I like that the colours are bold and bright without making the cards themselves look too busy or gaudy. I also really like the fact that there are a few LGBTQ+ cards within the deck—just like with books, I think it’s so important that we support decks with diversity in. Anyone can use tarot, and obviously, it’s so much more fun when you can see yourself in the cards the same way you might see yourself in a book or movie or whatever. If you’re interested in this deck, my favourite tarot-tuber (and new booktuber), Katey Flowers, has an unboxing and first impression video of this one here.

The Antique Anatomy Tarot

This is another one that isn’t typically my style when it comes to tarot. The muted, antique look is definitely more me in terms of art I’d hang on my wall but not necessarily what I look for in tarot. I don’t know what it is about this one but I just think it’s stunning and I want it so badly. Do I need it? Absolutely not. But did I need the like fourteen other decks I bought? Also no. Do you see my problem here? Another tarot channel I enjoy, Boho Tarot, did a flip-through of this one here if you’re interested.

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

This one isn’t out yet, but it’s so damn gorgeous. It was created by the author, Tillie Walden, and it’s another bright deck. From the images I can see online, each card looks incredibly detailed. It looks like a RWS clone, but I don’t really own any of those so this is extra tempting. Shout-out to the wonderful Sylwia who tweeted about this one a few weeks back and made me consider buying all of these decks. Yeah, I’m not kidding about that problem of mine.

White Numen Tarot

I don’t want to be dramatic, but I would sell my soul for this deck. Which might be a little too far considering it hasn’t been released yet. This stuff is my jam. Seriously. The pastels, the sort of clean almost minimal but not illustrations? This is honestly my dream deck. I need it. I need it so badly, but it’s not out until December this year. Now it’s just a matter of making sure I don’t buy another twenty decks before then.

So those are the decks I want the most right now. Do you have any you really want, or any you really love that you’d recommend?

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