Authors I’ve Read More Than Once This Year

I did a couple of posts like this last year in which I talked about which authors I’d read more than one book from. It turns out I was pretty bad at that last year. So this year, I promised to be better at that and I thought I might as well check in today and see how my progress has been going.

Eloisa James | 2 books

A lot of these are authors who I’ve got at least one other book on my shelves that I could read, starting with Eloisa James here. The books I read were: A Kiss At Midnight and When Beauty Tamed the Beast.

Alice Oseman | 2 books

My copy of Loveless is hopefully on it’s way to me, so hopefully I’ll be reading that soon. The books I read were: I Was Born For This and Heartstopper, vol 3.

William Shakespeare | 2 books

No more Shakespeare’s on the shelf for now, but I do hope to pick up a few more for my collection before the end of the year. The books I read were: Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night.

Victoria Schwab | 2 books

Sticking with authors I don’t have anything else from. I think this might mark the end of my journey with Schwab—I’ve just been disappointed by her books lately. The books I read were: City of Ghosts and Tunnel of Bones.

Adrienne Basso | 2 books

No more Adrienne Basso planned for right now, but if the libraries reopen by the end of the year I might pick up another series from her. The books I read were: No Other Highlander and The Bride Chooses A Highlander.

Maxine Hong Kingston | 2 books

Again, no more plans here yet. The books I read were: The Woman Warrior and I Love A Broad Margin To My Life.

Lorraine Heath | 2 books

Back to the authors I do have plans to read more from! I’ve got another Lorraine Heath waiting for me to pick it up. The books I read were: Beyond Scandal and Desire and When A Duke Loves A Woman.

Rebecca Yarros | 2 books

Totally have Angel to thank for this. And yes, I did buy the next three books in her Flight & Glory series. The books I read were: The Last Letter and Full Measures.

Angie Cruz | 2 books

You’ve probably heard me talk about Angie Cruz at this point. I’m so sad because I only have one books of hers left! The books I read were: Dominicana and Soledad.

Sabrina Jeffries | 2 books

Again, you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about Sabrina Jeffries. And if you’re not, just give it a few more weeks and I promise you will be. The books I read were: In the Prince’s Bed and To Pleasure A Prince.

Shaun Tan | 3 books

No one brings me the same level of joy as Shaun Tan. NO ONE. The books I read were: The Arrival, The Bird King and The Singing Bones.

Lisa Kleypas | 3 books

Of course, Kleypas had to make the list. The books I read were: Devil in Winter, Scandal in Spring and Mine Till Midnight.

Sarah MacLean | 4 books

Of course my most read author is a romance author. Honestly, I wouldn’t consider MacLean a favourite yet but her books are reasonably easy to get a hold of so yay for that! The books I read were: The Rogue Not Taken, A Scot in the Dark, The Day of the Duchess and Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake.

And that’s it, for now! I’ll definitely be trying to grow this list by the end of the year, and I’ll hopefully remember to put together a post again then.

3 thoughts on “Authors I’ve Read More Than Once This Year

  1. I like Schwab but her more recent books I haven’t been gelling with either. Maybe try ADSOM or The Archived if you do want to give her another chance. Both are older works and those I did enjoy.


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