Where To Start With My Favourite Authors

This post is somewhat inspired by Book Riot’s Reading Pathways series. These are some of my favourite posts that Book Riot do, but I wanted to do a sort of condensed version of my favourite authors. I’ve put together a couple of options for each author. So let’s get started.

Agatha Christie

Obviously, Christie has a huge catalogue of books you could choose from, but I always recommend the same two as the best place to start. And Then There Were None was my first, and I think it’s really a great showcase of Christie at her full power. The other option is, of course, Murder on the Orient Express. While this is quite a few books into the Poirot series, you can really read them in any order and I think this is the best to start with. After those, I’d highly recommend The ABC Murders.

Daphne du Maurier

I already did a post this year over on Of Wonderland ranking all of du Maurier’s books, but when it comes to a good place to start my recommendation is Rebecca. It wasn’t the first one I personally read, but it is her most famous work for a reason. I’d also highly recommend My Cousin Rachel and Jamaica Inn if you’re after something a little shorter to dip your toes into.

Margaret Atwood

Atwood’s most famous book is, of course, The Handmaid’s Tale and I really recommend starting with that one. I think it’s the most accessible of hers that I’ve read solar. The great thing about Atwood is that she writes in so many different genres that there’s something for everyone, but be warned that her books are straight up WEIRD. If you’re into mythology and retellings, try The Penelopiad. If you’re into dystopian/apocalyptic things, try the MaddAddam trilogy. If you’re into historical, mystery type stories, Alias Grace is my absolute favourite of hers.

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Moving into Australian authors for my last two here. First up is the wonderful Maxine Beneba Clarke. Like Atwood she writes in a few different genres, including children’s picture books. For me, her non-fiction really shines so I’d highly recommend The Hate Race as a place to start. Her book, The Saturday Portraits is a completely joy to read!

Shaun Tan

I have such a huge literary/art crush on Shaun Tan. He has quite a lot of books to pick from as well. I’d recommend all of the ones I’ve read, but for the purposes of this post, I’d suggest Tales from Outer Suburbia and Tales from the Inner City as they’re the most text heavy of his I’ve read. The Arrival is honestly incredible too.

There we are! Have you read any of these authors? Do you have any suggestions for different authors?

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