What’s On My Library Hold List?

With things hopefully looking up here in Melbourne, my library has re-started its Click & Collect services. Naturally, I had to pick up a whole bunch but I’ve already added a bunch more to my hold list. So today, I thought I’d share some of them with you.

Beach Read by Emily Henry

I’ve been tossing up for a really long time whether I actually want to read this one or not. For one, I’ve loved the previous two books from Emily Henry that I’ve read. When it comes to her YA books, she’s definitely an auto buy author for me. But this is her debut adult novel and it’s also contemporary romance, which honestly, it’s not a genre I really like, no matter how much I try. I’ve also heard this is surprisingly dark. One of my Goodreads friends gave trigger warnings for parent with cancer and death of a parent (in the past), which are basically my two biggest triggers. I’ve made it through books with both of those things before, but every book is different in the way it deals with those things. I know Emily Henry hasn’t written grief in a careful and honest way before. I am really far down on the list for this one, so at least I have a few months to prepare!

Fathoms: The World in a Whale by Rebecca Giggs

I am truly obsessed with this cover. Can we please get more gorgeous and bright covers like this one, especially for non fiction? I’ve almost bought this one a couple of times, including for my birthday recently, but decided to pick something else up instead. But lately I’ve been getting more and more interested in non fiction about nature and animals and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one. And of course, bonus points for Rebecca Giggs being Australian. It is also mentions that this one is good for fans of Rebecca Solnit, who is quite possibly my favourite non fiction writer at this particular moment.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Regan Barnhill

One of my friends, Sophie, told me about this book a couple of months ago now. I was instantly in love with the idea of it, and we had originally planned to lend each other some books including this one—that was obviously before all of this. So instead I’ve put this one on hold at the library and I’m next in line for it, of course that could take a few weeks or months with everything going on right now, but either way I’ll be so excited to pick it up. I haven’t been reading a lot of middle grade fantasy this. year, though it is one of my favourite genres, so it’ll be great to slip back into one.

The Last Leonardo: The Secret Lives of the World’s Most Expensive Painting by Ben Lewis

This one is being transferred to my library right now, so hopefully I should be able to pick it up in the next few days. So earlier in the semester, we learnt about this Da Vinci painting in class and it was really interesting. My lecturer suggested that we look up this book if we were interested in learning more about it and the strange happenings around it. If you haven’t heard anything about this one before, highly recommend having a quick Google because it is kind of fascinating and a little mysterious. I was really excited to see my library get this one in, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick it up for non-fiction November next month.

Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers

I was really unsure about this series when I read the first book in January, but after reading the second one earlier this month, I think I’m sold on it. I originally tried these because they’re always recommended for fans of Agatha Christie, which obviously, I definitely am. I’m planning to do a post soonish about my thoughts on Sayers vs Christie, so look out for that one if you’re interested. I will probably end up buying this series, but last time I checked the covers I wanted weren’t in stock anywhere that I usually buy books from, so the library it is. I will probably try and pick a few during the Black Friday sales!

Are your libraries open? Have you been borrowing anything lately, or making a list for yourselves?

3 thoughts on “What’s On My Library Hold List?

  1. It’s my first time visiting your site! Oh my gosh, Ely! I love the layout and the graphics. You definitely create the absolute best images for your posts. Speaking of beautiful art, The Girl Who Drank the Moon’s cover art is stellar. Plus, that title is wonderful. I want to drink the moon, to be honest. It looks like a latte.
    The last book on the list got me thinking about Halloween. Is it a thing in Australia? If so, how do Aussie folk celebrate? And, if not, do you have any holidays that are widely celebrated in Australia?


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