Watching and Listening | October 2020

It’s time for the best post of the month! I didn’t really watch a lot this month, but let’s get into it anyway.

The Bachelorette

I won’t lie, I love a good Bachelorette season. The 2020 version for Australia started airing at the start of the month. I have a couple of friends I live-watch and discuss this with and honestly, it’s great fun. This round there are two Bachelorettes (who are sisters), so it’s been interesting. I do spend most of my time making fun of the different people, but some of it is very sweet. Though I have to say, it’s been surprisingly undramatic this season, apart from a couple of moments, most of it has been kind of laidback and calm…it’s a little strange. We’ve still got four more episodes left of this season to air in November, I think, but it really has been nice to have something to keep my mind off this lockdown. I’ve definitely had my favourites, but I’m interested to see who the girls are going to pick.

Mozart in the Jungle

I watched all of season one of this show this month in a single day. Honestly—it was pretty cute and a lot of fun. I don’t really know anything about classical music, but that side of the plot was interesting. Naturally, the music all sounded amazing, even if I had no idea what most of it was. I don’t really have anything bad to say about the show, it’s just a pretty average contemporary show with a bit of romance and humour in. I don’t think I’ll be watching the other seasons—I liked the characters and all, but not enough to watch another three seasons of the show. Maybe one day I’d come back to it, but somehow I doubt it.

It’s Spoopy Season!

I went into this month expecting to spend most of my time watching fun Halloween movies aimed for kids. Well, instead, I rewatched Dracula—the Winona Ryder version. I loved this movie when I was like 19 or so and I studied it in a Uni class. Did not hold up…this time it was just kind of boring and disappointing. Though, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves will always be incredible. Sticking with the vampire theme, I tried Interview with the Vampire—again I was so bored. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt but it felt like pulling teeth. I then went with Sleepy Hollow, which I’d never seen. I used to love Tim Burton, but I grew out of that a few years back—I surprisingly liked this one though. I mean, Christina Ricci is the Queen of Halloween, is she not?


On my birthday, Angel and I watched the original Jumanji movie plus the two new ones, which we’re all just great. My family and I watched the first 8 episodes of Condor, which we all became a bit obsessed with, and hopefully, we’ll get to the last two episodes along with season 2 soon. I also rewatched Mansfield Park, the 1999 version, to see if I liked it more than the book and nope, they’re both pretty bad. And of course, I watched Rebecca—you can see my full review on that here.

And that’s it for October. What did you watch?

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