NaNoWriMo Check-In | Week Two

I know it’s not technically the end of week two, but because of the way my posts are organised, I’m counting it. It’s been quite the week, and it’s definitely been very up and down as you’re about to see. But I’m feeling good about everything, so let’s get into the updates.

November 8th: I really did not want to write for most of the day, but then good old Sarah got me writing and I managed 1134 words.

Running word count: 7469

November 9th: I spent most of today putting posts together for here, and working out some ideas for videos but I did manage to squeeze in 534 words today. As the thing I’m writing is more of a novella, I’m almost at the point where I’ll start hitting the real important things in terms of plot so hoping that’ll make writing easier for a bit.

Running word count: 8002

November 10th: Absolutely smashed through the writing today, which I’m pretty happy with. I got 1118 words, though I did have to delete a sentence from yesterday’s writing to make things fit.

Running word count: 9107

November 11th: 512 words today. My plan was to make it to the 10k mark, but I was just struggling to words down too much.

Running word count: 9619

November 12th: I made 10k! I honestly can’t believe I’ve managed to write this much of this story so far. It’s been a few years since I’ve written this consistently, even if it’s only 12 days so far. It’s probably been about the same amount of time since I made 10k on a story. Anyway, only 643 today but I didn’t get around to writing until 7 so it’s pretty good.

Running word count: 10262

November 13th: Onto 11k today—I’m really smashing out the writing these past two days! I wrote a total of 1177 today, and I think that’s a great end to week two. I still haven’t hit that point I talked about on the 9th, but writing is writing.

Running word count: 11439

Going into week three, I know I have a busy week ahead of me so hoping to squeeze a few big writing days in between all the things I have to do. Let’s see how we do!

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Check-In | Week Two

  1. This is why I prefer to have a weekly average word count rather than a daily one. It’s much easier to push the words around to make up for the days when I’m not feeling my best, and still adhere to the word count. You got this!


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