Watching and Listening | November 2020

Just like my favourites and disappointments post the other day, I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about this month. I don’t really know what I was doing in November, but I didn’t actually watch a single thing until mid-way through the month. So it’s a pretty short post today…


Poster of Elementary featuring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

I never thought I would ever watch or enjoy this show, but I started watching Elementary mid-way through the month and instantly became obsessed. I was one of those people who thought Sherlock was basically the best thing ever created and this seemed like a knock-off. This is so different though, and it works. Sometimes I kind of forget it’s meant to be Holmes and not just another crime show, but I don’t really mind that. I watched all of season one in November, and made it halfway through season two before the month was over. I’ll be continuing with it throughout December.


Angel and I watched a couple of movies together for her birthday—Knives Out and Murder on the Orient Express. These are two of my favourite movies and definitely ones that work well together. This was also Angel’s first time with anything Agatha Christie related.

I also rewatched the first two episodes of Doctor Who (the 2005 version). This show used to be my life but I stopped watching it seriously after Matt Smith left, though I’ve seen a few of Jodie Whittaker’s episodes. I don’t know whether I’ll continue after Tennant’s season this time, because he and Eccleston are really the only ones I care about but we’ll see.

I also randomly decided to rewatch all four episodes of Lost in Austen. This is great show. I love it. It makes so happy. This was a really great decision.

And that’s it for November. I’m hoping December will be a little more of an exciting post with all the Christmas movies I’m hoping to watch. But for now, I will see you all next time!

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