My Most Read Romance Authors | December 2020

Now that we’re into December I’m starting to put together my 2020 wrap-up posts, and today we’re kind of starting with those. This is my most-read romance authors as of the end of November. I’m considering this part of my 2020 wrap-ups because it was really this year that I got into reading romance, and thus many of these authors were new-to-me this year.

Get ready for lots of posts this month talking about historical romance. I don’t know why, but December has just kind of panned out that way. Anyway, let’s get into the list.

Lisa Kleypas | 8 Books

It’s probably no surprise that Lisa Kleypas is my most-read romance author right now considering she was one of the first authors I read. I’ve read the four main books in the Wallflower series, as well as the first four in the Hathaways series. I hope to have the final book in the series read by the end of the year so I can start her next series in 2021.

Sarah MacLean | 6 Books

I read two trilogies from Sarah MacLean this year alone, so obviously she was going to make this list. Right now I’m kind of split down the middle as to whether I like her books or not—I loved her Love by Numbers series, but was mostly disappointed by the Scandal and Scoundrel series. I am going to keep reading her so hopefully, I love her other books.

Elle Kennedy | 4 Books

Most of the authors on here are historical romance authors, but there are a few exceptions to that, starting with Elle Kennedy. I’ve read the first three books in the Off-Campus series, as well as the first book in the Him series that she wrote alongside Sarina Bowen. I do intend to finish the final book in the Off-Campus series soon.

Tamara Gill | 4 Books

I read all four books in the Kiss the Wallflower series and honestly, I enjoyed them but I don’t really have any plans to pick anything else from Gill up in the near future.

Julia Quinn | 4 Books

I wasn’t sure whether I would get to these ones or not as books 3 and 4 had their delivery delayed until after Christmas, but I ended up just reading the eBooks this week so I could be ready for the Netflix show. I’ll be finishing the rest of the books in the coming days and I’m just so excited.

Sabrina Jeffries | 3 Books

I love Sabrina Jeffries—she’s probably my favourite author on this list. But I had such a hard time getting the third book in her Royal Brotherhood series that I only managed to get through those three in 2020. But I have 7 books from her waiting on my shelves now, so she will definitely shoot up this list next year.

Adrienne Basso | 3 Books

I read all three books in the McKennas series and I really liked them. But I wouldn’t consider Basso an author I want to buy, I borrowed all those books from the library and I’ll do the same on any I read in the future.

Stephanie Laurens | 2 Books

Usually, I wouldn’t count authors I’ve only read two books from, but since these next three are ones I will definitely be reading extensively, I’ve decided to include them. I’ve read books 0.5 and 1 in Laurens’ Cynster series and I’ll be reading the rest of them once the next few books arrive.

Laura Thalassa | 2 Books

I’ve been loving Thalassa’s Four Horsemen series, which I only have book 3 left to read (at least until book 4 is out). I would really like to try her The Bargainer series after I finish up with this one.

Rebecca Yarros | 2 Books

Save the most heartbreaking for last. I read both The Last Letter and Full Measures this year and they both BROKE ME. Yeah, thanks Angel for making me read these. What a great best friend you are. But seriously, I do love these.

And that’s the list, at least for December. I think I’ll probably wait to do an updated version until this time next year, but I had a lot of fun putting this together. Have you read any of these authors?

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