How To Have A Hygge Reading Night

With the weather cooling down here in Melbourne, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to stay as cosy as possible and my favourite way to do that is to throw myself a little hygge reading night.

If you haven’t heard of hygge before, it’s a Danish word for something like extreme cosiness. If you’re interested in learning more about it, I highly recommend looking at The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking (which also makes a gorgeous gift!). Today I thought I’d take you through one of my hygge reading nights!

Wind Down

For me, step one is always a bath. It helps me relax and it also means I can get nice and cosy. I like to light a candle and listen to an audiobook on nights like these—I was listening to Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse this particular night, because I’ve been listening to it for months now. Because it’s pretty cold here in Melbourne (by Australian standards before you Northern Hemisphere people start coming for me) I’ve been pretty much living in my pyjamas after I’ve had dinner. So I get into those, sometimes I’ll do a face mask and then it’s back to the couch.

Get Cosy

Obviously a key element to have a cosy reading night is to get cosy. For me right now this usually means a few blankets on the couch, my pyjamas and a warm hoodie and most of the time, Percy curled up as close to me as he can possibly get.


Snacks are also really important. For me, this usually just means tea. Most of the time it’s Twinings Earl Grey, which is my go-to tea but Paris from Harney & Sons, Go Go Goa or New York Breakfast both from T2 are also some of my favourites. For snacks, you could go something like some delicious brownies, or just a block of chocolate. I have a love for salt and vinegar chips/crisps personally, so if I’m snacking on anything it’s probably some of those.

The Book

And of course, the key ingredient—a book! You don’t have to go for something necessarily cosy or light-hearted, this particular night I was switching between Some Like It Wicked by Teresa Mederios, which is a historical romance set in Scotland and nice and cosy, and then In the Woods by Tana French, which is a crime thriller, murder mystery thing set in Ireland and was decidedly less ‘cosy’. I’m really enjoying both.

And that’s my idea of a hygge reading night! Do you set out cosy reading nights (or days) for yourself? How do you spend them?

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