Watching and Listening | May 2021

It’s time for another watching and listening post! I kind of watched a bit this month, though not a lot of different things, if that makes sense. Anyway, you’re about to see what I mean so let’s jump straight in.


I’d hoped to make it through all of Lucifer season three this month, but I ended up just watching the first eight episodes. I’ve been a little spoiled for the newest season, ironically from the Netflix homepage but I’ll get back to this in June.

For class, I had to watch the first few episodes of Sharp Objects and Stranger Things. I’ve seen Stranger Things before and enjoyed it, so I rewatched the first few episodes. We only have a few days to watch each thing so I had to stop there, but I’ll be continuing again in June. As for Sharp Objects, I made it two episodes and found it so disturbing that I couldn’t watch anymore of it. If you’re considering watching this one, check the trigger warnings because there’s basically something of everything in there.

And finally, I spent most of the month watching Silent Witness—I watched seasons five through to the start of season eight. The service I’ve been using to watch this only has until season 9. There’s about to be a huge cast change in season 8, so I guess if I enjoy that I might end up finding them elsewhere.

And that’s it. Here’s hoping I’ll manage to finish a few of these things off in June, as well as getting to try some new things as well.

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