My Audiobooks | July + August 2021

Today’s post is all about the audiobooks I’ve picked up from ACL audiobook program from their July and August picks. I’ve only got the two to talk to you about today but let’s get to it.

Don’t Let It Get You Down by Savala Nolan

I’m always intrigued by essay collections with interesting titles—I’ve just got to know what the essays are about and how they all connect to the title and theme, you know? And Don’t Let It Get You Down is no exception. I do have to admit that I also got drawn in by the ‘the body’ part as well—whenever something mentions it’s going to be discussing the body, my mind always jumps straight to ‘is this disability?’ I’ve been let down by many, many books because of that but I still keep hoping that one day something will actually come through for me. Is this that lucky book, who knows? I think this’ll end up being a good read no matter, mostly because I saw Roxane Gay reviewed and liked it on Goodreads and that gives me some extra hope and excitement for this one. Seriously, if you’re ever on the lookout for some good recommendations jump over to Roxane Gay’s Goodreads because she’s got you well and truly covered.

Assembly by Natasha Brown

Words do not describe my excitement level when I saw this one on Libro this month. I just got myself tickets to an online event Natasha Brown is doing as part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival and then realised I wasn’t meant to buy any books this month. So yes, much excitement was had when I saw this on there and realised I’d get to read it before the event now. I honestly hadn’t heard of this before I went through the list of online events for this year but it was really the only one that jumped out at me. This sound like a very different book but at the same time, I’m getting a little bit of like Brit Bennett vibes just in terms of themes of belonging, race and class and women fighting for their place and taking control of their own story. I’ve heard this is quite experimental and clever so it sounds like the perfect thing to read on audio.

And those are the two for July and August. These are both reasonably short, so here’s hoping I might even be able to finish one of them by the time this post rolls around again in October!

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