Watching and Listening | August + September 2021

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first proper post for this month’s 31-day post extravaganza. Today we’re talking about what I was watching and listening to throughout August and September.

TV & Movies

I watched the first eight episodes of What If and I’m excited for the last episode to air in a few days. And otherwise, the only TV I watched was Stargate SG-1. I’ve seen the movie before but I’d never gone onto the show and then suddenly at the end of September, I was like ‘let’s do this’. I’m only four episodes in so far, but I like it so far.

As for movies, I watched one. I literally just rewatched The Mummy with Angel for the three millionth time. Unsurprisingly, it’s still my favourite movie.


Look at me—listening to audiobooks! Wow! I actually started listening to two during August (I think? I don’t really know what months are anymore!)—Mythos and The Hobbit. I’m really enjoying both of them as audiobooks and I’m hoping I might be able to finish one of them in October, but I don’t know…

That’s it for this post though. Let me know what you’ve been watching or listening to lately and I’ll catch you all again tomorrow!

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