December TBR: Readathons and Other Reading Plans

Can you believe it’s already December? This year kind of flew by for me considering we spent so much of it still in lockdown here in Melbourne. Anyway, today I have my TBR for December including a few readathons and whatnot. So without further ado…


Rather than rehash everything here, I’m going to include the two TBR videos I made here. Firstly, for the Hemisphere Christmas Games for which you can see my announcement here and find the Google Drive here.

And secondly the Book Christmas Readathon here, which you can find Helen’s announcement for here.

Other Reading Plans

With a few days still left in November, I’ve been working on finishing up some of the books I’d started this month (and earlier) so that’ll definitely be carrying over into my December reading plans as well. I’ve got a lot of books part-way read at the moment so I’d really like to finish some of those off before the end of the year. Some of these are; Jade City, Legendborn, Let It Rain Coffee and The Eye of the World.

The other main reading goal is to finish off a couple more series. I made a goal at the start of the year to finish/catch up on 15 and I am definitely not there yet. I’m currently at 8, but I could actually complete this goal if I put my mind to it. A couple of my favourite series just released their final books so I think there are at least four that I could easily finish off.

As for other goals, we’re just going to see where the month takes me! What are your reading goals for the end of the year?

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