My Summer 2021/2022 TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Summer (or Winter) TBR. I’m, of course, an Aussie so I picked out some light, summery reads for myself…as well as some less cute stuff.

Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler

What better time to read this than during the Summer, right? I’ve honestly been waiting for an excuse to pick this one up so this seems like a good time to do that. I’m super ready for all the bisexual feels with this one.

Girls in Boys Cars by Felicity Castagna

I believe the premise of this one is something like a girl steals her ex-boyfriend’s car and goes on a road trip with her friend, but I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s a little more complicated and intense than that, but it sounds like it’s going to be a fun read nonetheless.

Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

I’m kind of cheating with these next few, but since I did so terribly with my Spring list, I thought it was a good idea to put a couple of here that I’ve already started. I started Eye of the World months ago and just got a little overwhelmed as I was trying to keep up with a read-a-long, but I have about 250 pages left so I’ll be fine as long as I take it at my own pace.

Devotion by Hannah Kent

There’s the distinct possibility I’ve already finished this by the time this post goes up, but I’m also not going to take it off the list because of that. I’m already 80 pages into it at the time of writing this post and I’m loving it, so hopefully, that will continue.

Hollowpox by Jessica Townsend

I also started this a week or two ago but then got distracted by other reads. The plan is to definitely finish this one before the end of the year, but who knows whether that’ll actually happen. I do genuinely want to read this but also what am I meant to do between finishing this one and the next book coming out, you know?

Crystal Crowned by Elise Kova

Surprisingly, this might be the hardest one for me to complete. I’ve been rereading the series in the lead up for me reading this one and I still have two more books to go. That sounds easy in theory, but whether it’ll actually happen is a whole other thing.

Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Angel picked this one out for me to read at the start of the year and I still haven’t done it. I’ve considered picking it up a few times but always ended up reading something else instead. I’m not sure whether I’ll manage it before the end of the year, but either way.

None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney

I’ve been desperate to read this one for months, but I’m also kind of terrified because it’s about a serial killer and I’m kind of a wuss. But Ellie Marney is one of my favourite authors and I trust her…to ruin my life.

Fools in Love edited by Ashley Herring Blake and Rebecca Podos

Every season I pick out an ebook and audiobook to add to this list because I’m terrible at remembering to read those. This time I’ve decided to go with two ebooks instead, in the hope of getting NetGalleys read as we go into 2022. This is a YA contemporary anthology with 15 different authors, most of whom are new to me. It should be a cute read.

Mercurial by Naomi Hughes

And then my other pick is Mercurial, which is a YA fantasy. I started this one a number of months ago, so in theory, it shouldn’t be that hard to finish. In reality? Well, we’ll see about that one.

And that’s it for Summer. What are your reading plans for the upcoming season?

19 thoughts on “My Summer 2021/2022 TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Happy reading, Ely!! Hope you enjoy all of these seasonal TBR picks, no matter when you have time to read them. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.


  2. I’ve got Fools in Love on my list today too! Had hoped to read it before the start of December but never got around to it, so hopefully, it’ll happen before 2021 ends 😅 I also want to read Hollowpox but was putting it off for a bit cos I don’t know when the next book is out?! Hope you enjoy these books!


  3. Cool for Summer sounds like so much fun. I read an E-ARC of Fools In Love a few months ago, it was great. Here is my post-


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