A Mini Christmas TBR

This year because of my work schedule I’m actually spending Christmas home alone with my cats. Maybe that sounds a bit sad, but honestly, I’m looking forward to just having the day to relax and hopefully get some reading done. So I thought I’d share the very small list of books I’ll be spending my Christmas with this year.

The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese

I don’t usually do Christmas books. In fact, I’ll admit that I don’t really like Christmas at all but I’ve recently been in a Chloe Liese mood after finally reading Always Only You so why not. Plus, I did buy this off Kobo as one of their originals so I feel like I should read it and not let it sit around for another year or two…or three. This is a grumpy/sunshine love story and Liese is the absolute best at writing those so I’m excited for that. I’m also just really excited to get a candle going and a cup of tea so I can pretend I’m somewhere nice and cosy. I hope this just ends up being a sweet, quick little read to bring me a little bit of Christmas joy.

Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie

Christmas is all about spending time with the people you love, right? Well for me this year, that means Hercule Poirot. I had hoped to be reading the next Christmas book this year, but I’m reading the series in order and I’m nowhere near it. That doesn’t matter because now I’m just going to spend Christmas Day by the Devon coast with Poirot—what more could you really ask for? Honestly though, I’m excited to be moving on with this series. I know these are usually pretty quick reads for me as well, so I might even get the chance to start something else if I decide to or just spend the rest of the day watching some movies or something like that.

I’d love to hear if you’ve set out some books to read this Christmas whether they be ones you’ve been reading all month or just in the last few days. I hope you all have an excellent day if you celebrate!

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