Authors I’ve Read Multiple Times This Year

About this time every year I like to have a look through what I’ve read and see which authors I’ve read more than once. I’m definitely not the kind of reader who will marathon a series or an author’s books so I feel like when I do end up reading multiple books from an author in one year that really speaks to how much I’ve enjoyed their books. So today is the day I look through my reads of 2022 so far and share with you the authors who have been grabbing my attention.

Three Books

Katee Robert & Nalini Singh

It’s not really surprising to me that my most read authors this year so far are Katee Robert and Nalini Singh—I discovered them both last year and I’ve been working through their books ever since. I’ve still got a couple of books from both of them on my shelves so I’ll be trying to get to those before the end of the year.

Two Books

Natalie Haynes

I had wildly different experiences with the two books I read from Haynes—I kind of hated A Thousand Ships which was one of my first few reads of the year, but absolutely loved Pandora’s Jar when I read that more recently. However, Haynes is probably the only author on this list that I don’t plan to read more from this year.

Patti Smith

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Patti Smith over the last few years and so I’ve been slowly picking her books up. I think I’ve read five so far, but I’m reading Just Kids right now and I’ll probably finish it early next week. I’m on a mission to read everything from Smith, but I don’t have any others waiting for me on my shelves as of right now.

Olivia Dade

I completely fell in love with Dade’s Spoiler Alert series earlier this year so I’m eagerly awaiting the third book that’s due out in November. But I also have her There’s Something About Marysburg series on my shelves already and I’ll hopefully pick those up in the next few months too.

Ngaio Marsh

I’ve been really enjoying Marsh’s Roderick Alleyn series lately, but I’ve been trying to pace myself as I’ve only been able to find her books secondhand and I want to read them in order. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a couple more before the end of the year.

Julia Quinn

With season two of Bridgerton airing earlier this year, I’m sure Julia Quinn is on a lot of people’s lists. I decided to read the first two books of the prequel, Rokesbys, series and I’m hoping to finish off books two and three in July but more on that later.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m very late to the TJR hype train, but I’ve read both Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones this year. Honestly, if I wasn’t on a book buying ban I probably would’ve bought them all and read a couple more by now but I’m trying to be good! I’ll definitely pick up a few more once I’m buying books again.

So those are all the authors I’ve read more than once so far this year. Which authors have you been reading from this year?

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