Watching and Listening | April, May and June

It’s finally time for my next watching and listening post. This is post I usually do monthly or bi-monthly to talk about the TV and movies I’ve watched and any audiobooks or podcasts I’ve listened to. As you can see, today’s post is from April, May and June because I just really wasn’t watching that much, but let’s just jump into it.

TV Shows

I might not have watched a lot these past three months, but I did finish three shows. First up, season one of Heartstopper, of course. I watched the whole season in a single day because of course I did. It’s such a fantastic adaptation and it was so good to see this story bought to life.

Next up, season two of The Wilds. This one took me a couple of weeks. I thought season one was intense, but this season really ramped it up. It was kind of triggering in parts so I had to skim past a couple of moments, but on the whole I did really enjoy it.

Finally, I watched season one of The Summer I Turned Pretty. I read the books years and years ago and didn’t really like them, but I gave this a go and enjoyed it. It was cute and a good distraction from things, but not something I’d watch again.

I also rewatched a couple of episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries—this is one of my all-time favourite shows and I always get so much joy out of rewatching it. I’m only three episodes in but I’ll be continuing in whenever I need a pick up over the next few weeks.


I’ve been doing this 100 movie challenge this year, so I’m only talking about the movies I’ve rewatched in these posts. I’ll have an update on that project later in the month though!

I introduced my partner to both Moana and Anastasia which are two of my absolute favourites. Thankfully, he enjoyed them and has already rewatched Moana on his own. The plan is to revisit a few more Disney movies over the next few weeks again.

Have you watched any of these lately?

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