Funny Romance Book Titles | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is hilarious book titles. Of course, I had to put a romance spin on it, so today, I’ll be sharing some funny contemporary romance titles and let’s get straight into it.

Folk Around and Find Out by Penny Reid

I’m not going to lie—I love all of Penny Reid’s titles. They all make me laugh, and that’s exactly what I need sometimes. I picked this one out because I also love a good bit of swearing now and again. I haven’t read this one yet; in fact, I’m nowhere near getting to it in my Penny Reid reading journey, but it’s the one I wanted to share so here it is.

The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken

I honestly love this for the slight nostalgic feeling that it gives me. I loved the Lindsay Lohan The Parent Trap movie as a kid—I probably watched it about 100 times, and I still love it. I know this book has nothing to do with the movie, but the feels are there. The book itself sounds fantastic, and I can’t wait to read it.

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

I’ve talked about wanting to read this one before, and part of the reason I was so sucked into it was because of the title. I also love the Romantic period right now—I’ve been studying it in class and now I just want to consume any and all media that has even the slightest relevance or mention to them.

Between a Fox and a Hard Place by Mary Frame

I love a good play on a phrase, just like this one. For those wondering, the ‘Fox’ in question is our female lead—Finley Fox who is trying to save her family business from going under when she meets Archer Weston, the man who is trying to convince her to sell it to his friends. It sounds really adorable, so I’ll definitely be picking it up.

Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman

Don’t ask me what it is about this one—it just makes me laugh. I think we all have those days where we feel like we need help from an adult, only to realise we are adults.

By the Book by Jasmine Guillory

I don’t imagine I’ll ever read this one, but I do love when characters are big readers or, in this case, work in publishing. This one is also a Beauty and the Beast retelling, so maybe I will end up picking it up after all.

Gouda Friends by Cathy Yardley

This is the only one on this list I’ve read so far, but I had to include it. Who doesn’t love a cheesy pun, right? Our female lead is obsessed with chees, and she and her love interest have been friends for years—hence, Gouda Friends.

Witcha Gonna Do by Avery Flynn

I’m loving this recent explosion of witchy contemporary romances. I could’ve easily made an entire post about the ones on my TBR, and I still might, but this was on my mind because Avery Flynn is an author I’m hoping to try in the next little while.

The Love Con by Seressia Glass

I love that this one has two meanings. It’s fake dating, but it also takes place at a convention, so it’s two types of a ‘con’. It sounds super adorable and fun, so I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this one.

Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

I’ve talked about this one quite a few times because I’m so excited for it to be released in October. But part of what caught my eye originally was the title. It’s just like Adult Assembly Required, you know you’ve said something like this (even just in your head) at some point.

And that’s it for today. Have you read any of these?

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