Halloween Books For Romance Readers | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is a Halloween freebie. As per usual, I had to do a romance twist so I’m here today to share nine romances I think are perfect for Halloween.

Pestilence (The Four Horseman #1) by Laura Thalassa

This is maybe the least Halloween-ish one on the list here, but it’s one of my favourites of all-time so I had to include it. This series follows each of the four horseman of the apocalypse as they come down to Earth and eventually fall in love. There’s definitely some dark and intense moments in these books, which I think makes them perfect for this time of year.

Quiver and Quill (Tenebra City #1) by A.M Kore

Now we jump right into some monster romance. This was actually the first monster romance I read and it was such a great place to start. This one is a little different because it’s told in second perspective—A.M Kore is such a fantastic writer that it just feels completely natural. This is my favourite in the series so far because our love interest is a mothman who is also a mythology professor and I just loved that.

The Dragon’s Bride (A Deal With A Demon #1) by Katee Robert

I couldn’t make this list without mentioning something from Katee Robert! I thought about mentioning the Wicked Villains series because the Disney Villains feel very Halloween-y to me, but I had to come back to the monster romance. If you’re looking to try monster romance, I highly recommend this one—it’s got lots of smutty goodness, but it’s also surprisingly adorable and it’s also pretty short so it’s a fun read.

Muscles and Monsters (Leviathan Fitness #1) by Ashley Bennett

Speaking of short, smutty and adorable…if you’re more interested in wolfmen than dragons, this one would be perfect for you. It’s a short novella, but I read it last week and absolutely loved it for its sweetness and smuttiness. I think this is a great one to pick up if you just want to read something fun for Halloween (or literally any other time of year).

Not the Witch You Wed (Supernatural Singles #1) by April Asher

I just finished this one yesterday morning so that I could include it in this post. As you can probably guess from the title, this is a witchy one. I honestly had a really good time reading it—there’s an interesting world, the side characters are fantastic and I loved the banter between the two leads. If you want something more on the contemporary side with a dash of paranormal, this is the perfect read.

Demons Do It Better (Hidden Species #1) by Louisa Masters

This is another recent read, but it blew me away so much that I’ve ordered the rest of Louisa Master’s paranormal romances already. This is a m/m romance that takes place (again), in this really interesting world where paranormal beings live alongside humans. This one is a little smutty, but is mostly just adorable (romantically) and slightly tense (plot-wise).

Touched by Fire (Magic Wars: Demons of New Chicago #1) by Kel Carpenter

I couldn’t resist getting to talk about this one because it’s one of my favourite reads of the year now. There isn’t a whole lot of romance in this first book, but I believe it steps up in the rest of the series. The female lead in this one is a paranormal hunter who finds herself suddenly intertwined with all these beings. For me, the female friendship in here really made the book for me. I think if you’re a fan of someone like Ilona Andrews, you’d probably really like this.

The Ex Hex (The Ex Hex #1) by Erin Sterling

I’m sure some of you have heard of this one, it definitely had a bit of hype around it when it was first released. I read it a few months later and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. This feels very much like Not The Witch You Wed in terms of vibes—the plot is definitely different, but it’s got that same light-hearted witchy feel to it.

Mating the Huntress (Monsters and Mates #1) by Talia Hibbert

Last but not least, I finished this one yesterday as well. Again, it’s a short novella with a romance between a werewolf and a huntress. I’m honestly so sad to see that Talia Hibbert hasn’t continued this series, because I really wanted to know more about the huntresses—there are so many fun directions that could’ve gone in in a series. If you’ve enjoyed Talia Hibbert’s Brown Sister series and you like paranormal things as well, you’ll love this—it’s got all the best parts of Hibbert’s books (the family relationships, the banter, the SMUT) with an extra sexy werewolf included. What more could you ask for?

And that’s it for today. Have you read any of these? What are your Halloween-ish romance recommendations?

10 thoughts on “Halloween Books For Romance Readers | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I have not read any of these by The Ex Hex seems to appear on a few lists! I am not a fan of spooky stories, so I made a list of reasons why. It’s just a bit of fun, so I hope people don’t take it too seriously! I do enjoy romance, so some halloween romance may be more up my street! I love the graphic novel Pumpkin Heads which is an autumnal romance!

    My TTT: https://zbestbooks.blogspot.com/2022/10/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-reasons-that-i.html


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