Books I Really Thought I’d Get To In 2022 | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is a freebie, so I thought it’d be a good time to look over the book on shelves and see what I thought I’d read this year but didn’t.

Girls With Razor Hearts (Girls With Sharp Sticks #2) by Suzanne Young

I’ve been putting this one off for years now, but I still really, really want to read it. I loved the first book so much, so I guess I’m nervous to read the rest of the series in case it doesn’t live up to it. I’m going to try and make this a priority in 2023.

The Wallflower Wager (Girls Meet Duke #3) by Tessa Dare

I’ve been holding off on this one because there’s no news about book four yet. This came out in 2019, but I believe Tessa Dare was having some trouble with the fourth book. I don’t blame her at all for taking her time with it, but I don’t want to finish this one off without knowing something about the next book.

Portrait of a Scotsman (A League of Extraordinary Women #3) by Evie Dunmore

Part of the reason I haven’t read this one or Wallflower Wager is that I just wasn’t in the mood for historical romance this year. This was the first historical romance series I ever read, so it has a special place in my heart, but it just didn’t make it into my hands this year.

Happily Ever Afters (Happily Ever Afters #1) by Elise Bryant

I had been fully prepared to read this one in August, and then September, and then October, and well, obviously, that didn’t happen. This was meant to be part of a post, but I’ve been putting that off so long that I don’t know whether I’ll ever get to it.

Chain of Iron (The Last Hours #2) by Cassandra Clare

I fully intended to read this as soon as it came out last year, but I’ve just been so nervous about it that I haven’t picked it up at all. I believe the third book is due out in 2023 so I will be reading this before then.

Legendborn (Legendborn #1) by Tracy Deonn

I can’t even remember when I started reading this, but I’m pretty sure it was sometime in 2021. I read a significant amount—about 200 pages when I randomly decided to put it down, and I haven’t picked it up since. I’m probably going to have to restart at this point, but that’s a goal for next year.

These Feathered Flames (These Feathered Flames #1) by Alexandra Overy

I’d been holding off reading this, thinking I’d get to it in June for Pride Month because it’s a sapphic fantasy, but I just didn’t get around to it. Honestly, I forget that I have it more often than not, so I’ll have to prioritise it in 2023.

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase #2) by Rick Riordan

I had this big plan to reread through the Heroes of Olympus series early in 2022, so I could continue onto the Magnus Chase series (I’ve read book one previously too), but that absolutely did not happen. I ended up picking The Lost Hero up in August or September, and I haven’t made it much further into the series. I highly doubt this will end up happening until at least midway through 2023 at this point.

The Sea Witch (Wicked Villains #5) by Katee Robert

I started this one at the end of July, but I’d already read three other Katee Robert books that month, and I’m just not a marathon reader like that, so I put it down. I’ve had very mixed reactions to this series, so I haven’t felt overly enthusiastic about picking this up, but I only have the last two books in the series, so I should really get to them.

A Lot Like Adios (Primas of Power #2) by Alexis Daria

I bought this one immediately after finishing You Had Me At Hola, which I really enjoyed. I figured I’d pick it up straight away, but I ended up getting waylaid by other books and I just haven’t come back to it. Again, something to think about in 2023.

And that’s it from me today. Have you read any of these? What books did you think you’d get to this year?


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