Back From A Break

I ended up taking a somewhat impromptu break last month. I’d been planning to take a break from the 15th to the end of the month, but I ended up being stuck for ideas and not posting much in the first half of the month. By the time the break I’d scheduled rolled around, I … More Back From A Break

New Year, New Hobbies

Was anyone else one of those kids who was just into everything? I was constantly trying new things on the weekends and after school—namely arts and crafts, but I was always making something different. Some of these hobbies stuck around for longer, others were passing fancies. Either way, once I graduated high school, I really … More New Year, New Hobbies

The Joy of Pen Pals

With self-isolation in its fourth month for me, I’ve been desperately looking for ways to keep myself entertained and connected. Social media had always been that outlet for me in the past, especially when I’ve been too sick to go out. But with everyone in the same boat, I started to switch off Instagram and … More The Joy of Pen Pals