Favourites and Disappointments | March 2021

It’s that time again where I look at all the books I read in a month and decide which ones I actually have enough to say about to include in this post! Okay, truly, I have been struggling with these posts lately. Sometimes because I’m not reading enough, and other times like this month when … More Favourites and Disappointments | March 2021

Favourites and Disappointments | August 2020

I can’t believe how quickly August went by. I didn’t have the best reading month, both in quantity and quality. But let’s just get into talking about my favourites and disappointments! Favourites Serious Moonlight by Jean Bennett This was part of my ‘bestie picks my TBR’ challenge with Angel. This was my third read from … More Favourites and Disappointments | August 2020

Favourites and Disappointments | June 2020

Recently, I’ve started doing blog-style wrap-ups on my booktube channel, which I’ve really been enjoying. But it did mean that I had to rethink how I went about doing wrap-ups over here—I didn’t want to constantly rehash the same details. So here’s what I’m running with for now, every month I’ll talk about my favourites … More Favourites and Disappointments | June 2020