Favourites and Disappointments | July 2020

This is my little monthly mini wrap-up over here where I talk about my top and bottom books of the monthly. Let’s jump straight in today.


Soledad by Angie Cruz

I kind of expected this one to make my favourites list of whatever month I decided to pick it up in, so I guess here it is for July. I read Angie Cruz’s latest book, Dominicana, earlier this year and it’s one of my favourite books so far for 2020. This one wasn’t quite as good, but I think there are a lot of similar themes in here that you can really see Cruz master in Dominicana. This was published in 2001, and I always find the difference and similarities between books published so far apart to be really interesting. That aside, I just think Angie Cruz has an incredible way of telling stories, especially multi-generational ones particularly about the women in a single family. I have another book of Cruz’s to read hopefully next month, or maybe in September, and I am so beyond excited to see what she does in that one.

Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros

I picked this one up as part of my monthly post over on Angel Reads, in which I read two of Angel’s romance recommendations. Angel had previously made me read The Last Letter which made me sob like a baby for ages. This one was honestly no different. I seriously cried right from the very beginning and I was just a complete mess by the time I reached the final page. I’m really not one for contemporary romance, but Rebecca Yarros seems to be one author who can mark off all my boxes. So even though both of the ones I’ve read so far have made me cry uncontrollably, they also kind of make me happy in a strange way. I managed to get my hands on the rest of the series as ebooks, so be prepared to hear more about this from me.

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

I know I just talked about this one in my last 2018 project update just a few days ago, but I had to mention it in this post. I was fully expecting to either DNF or unhaul this one when I decided I’d be picking it up this month. I tried to read this is 2018 and had convinced myself it was just my mood at the time, but then I started to wonder if it was going to the same thing this time around. It was the complete opposite, as you can probably tell by the fact this is under the ‘favourites’ section. This is very slow to start and that definitely makes it a bit of struggle to get through at first, but once it does pick up it is really interesting. It is a difficult read, as it deals with sexual assault and violence, but I thought that was portrayed with empathy. I’m hoping to pick up the next book in the series before the end of the year.


Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

I was not expecting to put this one on the disappointments list. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is one of my all-time favourite series. I’ve also seen so many people I trust talk about how much they love this. So high expectations? Yes, I had them. And clearly, they weren’t quite met. The thing is, I loved the story of Sabran and Ead at court. Seriously, they’re great. Yes. More of this, please. But the other perspectives? I literally couldn’t have given less of a shit. Take 300 or so page off this, or split this into two books? I really think this could’ve been a favourite. I might’ve even cared about the other people in here. But as it is, I was just left feeling kind of confused and exhausted by this whole thing.

The Storm Runner by J.C Cervantes

I also mentioned this one is the 2018 project post. But I ended up having to DNF this. This sounded like my perfect book—it has a disabled protagonist and it’s about mythology. Like perfect, sign me up. But I’ve tried reading this three times and I just can’t get through it. It’s not badly written or anything like that, it’s just not working for me. I can’t even explain what it was about it, it just wasn’t clicking for me like I’d hoped it would. A lot of people do really seem to love this book, so I would definitely recommend checking out some of the Goodreads reviews for this book if you’re interested in it at all.

And that’s it for July! I swear this month just disappeared faster than any other month has so far this year. I hope you’re all staying safe and well!

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