I Didn’t Update Goodreads For A Month: How It Affected My Reading

You’ve seen the title. Today I’m talking about how I went a whole month without updating Goodreads, and how that affected my reading.

First things first, you need to understand how obsessed I am with Goodreads. I’m not being dramatic when I say I always have Goodreads open in a tab. Whenever I’m watching a booktube video, or just browsing through Twitter, I’ll come across at least a few books I want to look up, so I keep it open.

I decided on June 30th not to update any of the books I had finished from that point on until the end of July. Why? Because I wanted to see how much time I actually wasted on there. So let’s get into what I found.

How Did I Feel About It?

In a way, it took a bit of pressure off. There were a couple of books I’m reading for a project that I can’t talk about until the end of July, so not being able to talk about any of them made it easier in a way. It also gave me more time to think about individual books and mull over my rating and thoughts about them.

Did I Really Read More?

Okay, so technically yes. But only by one. Obviously, just because I wasn’t spending hours on Goodreads, it didn’t mean I wasn’t spending hours elsewhere. I read a total of 25 books this month, compared to the 24 I read in May. This did also have to do a little bit with the books I was reading—namely The Priory of the Orange Tree which I’ve been trying to work through these past two weeks.

The Con?

I spent most of last night adding all the month’s books onto my read shelf and putting together my usual two or three sentence mini-reviews together. I’m literally exhausted.

One thought on “I Didn’t Update Goodreads For A Month: How It Affected My Reading

  1. I literally couldn’t blog without Goodreads, I need the release dates, the page counts, the burbs! I currently have 7 tabs open for a blog post. I don’t actively use it a lot past blogging and updating the books I’m reading.


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