My Favourite New-To-Me Authors of 2020

A few weeks back, Angel posted about her favourite new to her authors of 2020 and I instantly was like ‘yes, I must also do this’. So that’s exactly what we’re doing today. Let’s go!

Rebecca Yarros

One of the reasons I wanted to make this post was so that I could gush about my love for Rebecca Yarros some more. I totally owe Angel for this one—she made me pick up The Last Letter earlier this year and I fell completely in love with it and Rebecca’s writing.

Angie Cruz

I’ve been obsessed with Angie Cruz these last few months. I read Dominicana as part of the Women’s Prize and loved it so much that I ordered her other two books immediately. That was in March, and they only just arrived at the start of this month. I’ve already read Soledad and loved it, so now I just have Let It Rain Coffee to go.

Rebecca Solnit

I don’t often follow non-fiction authors in the same way that I do fiction ones. I’m kind of selective when it comes to my non-fiction, so I rarely buy things just because of the author. But I read The Faraway Nearby earlier this year, and instantly put another of Solnit’s books on hold at the library and purchased another two. Be prepared to hear more about her from me!

Favel Parrett

I’ve found many amazing authors and books because of the Stella Prize, and this year the stand out for me was There Was Still Love by Favel Parrett. It was my favourite from this year’s list. I was lucky enough to get Favel’s first book in a subscription box just days after finishing TWSL, and I’ll hopefully pick that one up in the next few weeks.

Jeff Zentner

I really don’t read a lot of male authors, but I fell in love with Jeff Zentner’s book Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee. Just like with Angie Cruz, I immediately ordered his other two books and I cannot wait to get to them soon.

Sabrina Jeffries

I could talk about how much I love Sabrina Jeffries’ books for hours at this point. I’ve only read two of them so far but I enjoyed them both so much that I now consider Jeffries to be my favourite historical romance author. That might be a big claim considering I haven’t read that many, but at the moment she’s the winner.

Who are your favourite new-to-you authors of 2020 so far?

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