Watching and Listening | July 2020

I won’t lie—this has immediately become my favourite post to do every month, and this is only the second one. There’s just something so fun about talking about the TV and movies I’ve been watching. So let’s get into what I consumed in July!

Love Alarm

I’ve been in a real Kdrama mood lately. They give the same sorts of feelings that historical romance books do. They’re like a balm for my anxiety and depression because they always make me happy. I tend to stick to the more contemporary ones, specifically school or University-based, because of their cuteness factor. I really loved season one of Love Alarm—it was filled with all that cutesy goodness, though it does also have a bit of seriousness to it. This one is on Netflix, so highly recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for something to take your mind off things. I can’t wait for season 2!


This was a wild ride. This has some downright adorable and sweet moments which I really enjoyed, but it’s also quite dark in places. Trigger warnings for child abuse, substance abuse, car accidents and a whole slew of other things I’ve probably forgotten. That being said, if you can handle those things, the romance is a cute, fake dating turned into real feelings situation. Personally, I’m a big fan of that trope so I really enjoyed it for those parts. Be warned, you will hate every single character for at least one decision they make at some point because honestly these people just do not know how to communicate, I swear.

Revenge Note/Sweet Revenge 1

This is a pretty short drama, but I just loved it so much. The protagonist, Ho Goo-hee, discovers an app on her phone that lets her take revenge on anyone, and drama ensues from there. Admittedly, this has it’s quirky moments, but what really stood out for me was the friendship between Goo-hee and Deok-hee. I feel like it’s so rare to get sweet female friendships in TV, so I really enjoyed that aspect as well as, of course, the sweet romance aspects.

Who Are You: School 2015

I really, really enjoyed this one. It’s not as romance-heavy as the others here, so that aspect made me a little sad. But it’s a really engaging story. It follows a set of twin sisters who have never met and what happens following an incident that affects both of them. This is the kind of story that only works for me in kdramas—I just love the different tropes they tend to use. If I saw this same story in a show by the CW or something like that I’d probably roll my eyes and never watch it, but it just works this way, I think.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

This podcast has only just started up, but I just think Michelle Obama is so great that I couldn’t not mention this. I listened to the first introductory episode, which is just under 10 minutes long, and was uploaded on the 28th of July. It’s really just a trailer to the rest of the podcast, but it has made me so excited to see what the rest of the podcast will hold. This is kind of the perfect time too because my library copy of the audiobook of Becoming is about to come in early next month. It’ll be so great to listening to these together, I think!


I finished off the last three episodes of Cinderella and Four Knights which I started last month—I loved all of it. Of course, I watched Hamilton when it became available on Disney+ early in the month. And again, of course, it was great.

What have you been watching and listening to this month?

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