NaNoWriMo Check-In | Week One

NaNoWriMo is finally here! This year I’ll be doing weekly updates, as well as hopefully sharing a few fun posts in between. Without further ado, here was week one…

October 27th: I was cutting it a little fine, but this was the day that I finally finished my fully detailed plan for the project. I won’t lie, I was overwhelmingly smug for the rest of the day because I was so proud of how it all came together.

October 31st: This was about the time I started to really panic about the month. Not only have I organised to do NaNo, I’m also doing Non Fiction November and running the discussions for the Stella Project this month. That’s on top of blogging and booktubing, so let’s see how this goes.

November 1st: I was still feeling kind of panicked after last night, which wasn’t really helped by the fact I had a whole to-do list before I could start writing. I actually got everything done super quickly and managed to start writing around 2pm, before stopping at about 4. I probably could’ve kept going but I wanted to get some reading done as well.

Running word count: 1298.

November 2nd: Feeling much more relaxed about this month today, having been able to mark a couple of things off the to-do list yesterday. I managed to write 930 words, which finished up a scene for me. In terms of how I’m actually feeling about it—I wouldn’t say that this is particularly good as a story right now, but this is the first draft with characters I’ve never written before so I’ll fix it later, you know?

Running word count: 2228

November 3rd: Bit of a bad pain day today, so I only made 352 words. But I did spend most of my day reading, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Running word count: 2573

November 4th: Snuck in a little writing session with my friend, Sarah today. I did get a little distracted thinking about my final essay for the semester, but I got 551 words down in total (plus some for that essay!)

Running word count: 3021

November 5th: I was feeling kind of stressed out about writing after the last two days being kind of slow. But as per usual, Sarah came to my rescue and I managed to get 1402 words down over two writing sprints. Feeling pretty great after that!

Running word count: 4423

November 6th: More writing with Sarah today as I try to set up some kind of writing routine for this month (and hopefully for the future!) I managed to get 1614 words done, which I am just so pleased with,

Running word count: 6037

November 7th: Another bad pain day today, so I just spent the day resting and catching up with some more reading. I only wrote 298 words, but I can catch up another day.

Running word count: 6335

Overall week one thoughts: Though I might be a few thousand words behind the goal, I’m really proud of myself for just writing every single day so far. That’ll definitely be my planning going into week two!

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Check-In | Week One

  1. I think that’s the main benefit of doing NaNo, in that you start writing every day. It’ll definitely trump meeting the word count, because the writing habit is a much more valuable thing to have than an arbitrary number of words. Keep on keeping on!


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