Which Historical Romances Did I Actually Read in 2020?

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I had a lot of romance-centric posts this month, and well, here’s the next one. I made a list at the end of last year over on Of Wonderland of the romance series I wanted to try in 2020, and today I thought I’d take a look back at that original list and see what I actually accomplished.

The Wallflowers/The Hathaways/The Ravenels by Lisa Kleypas

I did okay with this! I finished the final two Wallflowers books, and read the first four of the Hathaways series. I didn’t get to the Ravenels at all, but since I don’t own any of them yet I’m not really in a rush to get to them.

Cynster series by Stephanie Laurens

Considering this is such a huge series, I’m pretty happy that I managed to read two of them this year. I have the rest of them on order, so once they arrive I’ll hopefully get to work on this series again. I didn’t order all of them, but I have enough to keep me going for a while.

The Truitts by Felicia Grossman

I didn’t get to this one at all unfortunately. I know there are two books out right now, but I’m unsure as to whether there will be more. I think I’ll be doing some research into that in the New Year so I can decide whether to marathon the two or whether it’s worth waiting.

Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn

I’m actually going to be able to finish off this series by the end of December and that makes me so happy. I wanted to make sure I had them all read before the Netflix adaptation airs and thankfully that’s out on Christmas Day which gave me enough time to read them all. I love this series so much.

The Royal Brotherhood series by Sabrina Jeffries

It took me a little longer to finish this trilogy than anticipated. I read the first two books in May, and then my copy of the third and final one got lost in the mail. It wasn’t until October that I finally managed to track down a copy, and I got to read it in November. This is one of my favourite series, so I’m glad I got to pick it up this year.

Love by Numbers by Sarah MacLean

I made my way through quite a few Sarah MacLean’s this year, including this series. This was actually the second series of hers I read, but it was definitely my favourite. I absolutely adored this series and I’m really glad I picked it up.

Merry Misfits of Bath by Callie Hutton

I lost all interest in reading this series as soon as I really started to explore other romance authors. I think this was maybe the second ever HR I tried and now that I’ve read all these other ones, I’m just not interested in going back to this one.

The Loyal League by Alyssa Cole

This was one I wasn’t too sure whether I’d get to or not, and it turned out it was a no. I don’t own this series at all so it could end up being a while before I get to it.

Wildes of Lindow Castle by Eloisa James

I gave book one in this series a try and just didn’t like it. This was the third book of Eloisa James’ that I had tried, and while I made it through the other two I knew this one wasn’t going to be worth the pay-off.

Girl Meets Duke by Tessa Dare

I didn’t make it to this one at all either. I kept wanting to pick it up but I was really focusing on some of the ones I owned a few books in the series from instead. I do have the first one on my shelf, but I think this will still be pushed back until I finish off some of my in-progress series.

Regency Impostors by Cat Sebastian

I’ve kind of lost some of my interest in this series. I’ll probably pick it up eventually but right now I have so many other HRs to read that this one has been pushed to the back of my mind.

I think I did pretty well all things considered. I’m hoping to put together a similar list for 2021, which I’ll have out for you all in early January if you’re interested. If you’ve got any recommendations, please leave them below!

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