Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021

I love putting together most anticipated books lists and I’m so happy that I can finally make one for romance books! Last year I had only just started reading romance so I didn’t know enough about what I liked to actually make a list.

This list isn’t nearly as long as I expected it to be either. Obviously more books will be announced throughout the year, but also I will hopefully catch up with the series that are releasing later books for. That being said, let’s get into them.

A Lady’s Formula for Love by Elizabeth Everett | February 9th

I have been seeing this one everywhere lately and I guess that’s partly because it’s not that far off being released. Admittedly, this isn’t the sort of thing I’d usually gravitate to, mostly because it is Victorian and I’m usually more of a Regency reader. But this sort of feels like it’s working off the back of Evie Dunmore’s A League of Extraordinary Women series where it’s like smart Victorian ladies get shit done, and honestly, I’m all here for it. It’s definitely one that I’m excited to give a go, especially since it’s the first book in a new series as well. It’s got a few really good reviews already, which is always a bonus too. Though I do have to say that I’m kind of torn by the cover—one part of me is like ‘omg, yes!’ and another part kind of feels like the bright blues and hot pinks are burning into my retinas.

An Unexpected Earl by Anna Harrington | February 23rd

Yes, there is actually a sequel on here! This is probably one of the two series at the moment I’m actually reading as they’re published. This is from the Lords of the Armory series, for which I read book 1 An Inconvenient Duke earlier this year and loved. This is kind of a darker series to most of the other HRs I’ve read, but I find that I actually enjoy that—it does still have it’s sweet and romantic moments of course, but it also seriously ripped my heart out at times. I read that first book way back in July and I’ve just been eagerly awaiting this one ever since. In fact, I’m thinking that I might even reread that first one in preparation for this one, which I am absolutely going to get my hands on as soon as it’s out.

The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell | April 6th

A historical romance about a female artist? Be still my beating heart! Since starting to study art history, I’ve become kind of obsessed with female artists throughout history, (hence posts like this one about female artists you should know), so this sounds kind of perfect. Add to the fact that the artist apparently paints a nude portrait of this certain Duke and I’m literally sold. Am I the only person who is screaming about this? Look, probably, but that just sounds extremely fun to me. I really hope this one comes through on the banter front because that would just make it amazing. Plus look at that cover! Are blue and pink the new colour scheme for 2021 or something? Either way, I whole-heartedly approve of this one. I’ll take ten, please and thank you!

To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters | April 6th

So this 100% screams Pride & Prejudice to me. I mean, the title! And the cover…is that literally not just Lizzy and Darcy right there? That being said, I do love me a good P & P inspired tale so I’m all here for it. The cover is absolutely gorgeous too—I’m a big fan of an illustrated cover like this one as well. I love a good wager in a book, which this has as well as the good ol’ enemies to lovers and no-strings-attached tropes. These are some of my favourite things in romance novels, so this has the possibility of being a favourite as long as everything gets pulled off well. It’s getting a couple of mixed reviews as ARCs have started to go out, but I’m holding out hope that it’s going to be one that I enjoy.

Hell’s Belles #1 by Sarah MacLean | August 15th

This one doesn’t have a title or anything yet, but it’s Sarah MacLean so I’m definitely going to pick it up. There’s not too much information on this in terms of plot or characters, apart from this little tidbit on Goodreads ‘about a gang of women in the Victorian era who are hell-bent on smashing the patriarchy in all corners of London, from glittering ballrooms to dark alleys’. Yes, please.

A League of Extraordinary Women #3 by Evie Dunmore | September

Of course, this one had to be on the list. Angel and I talked very briefly about how excited we were for this one in the discussion we did on book two, A Rogue of One’s Own over on Angel’s blog. I’m sure I’ll be talking about this one more as we get closer to the release date.

So what romance books are you looking forward to for 2021?

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