My Writing Goals For 2021

So today marks my first goals/challenge-related/ post for 2021. I’ll be sharing a general reading goals post in a few days, as well as sharing some sign-ups and whatnot for reading challenges set up by others. But today, we’re starting with some good old writing goals.

I was talking with my friend Sarah (hi, Sarah, if you’re here!) recently about my writing goals for 2020 and how basically I’d set myself way too many and I had to learn how to chill. So I have three this year, which feels much more doable, and let’s get into them.

Finish All The Long Gone Darlings by March

This is not-so-little anymore novella which I began during NaNoWriMo. This is basically a prequel to my actual novel and I’m just writing it for myself as a way of ironing out some of the details I need for that bigger story. I thought it would be about 10k long, and now I’m up to 16k with probably another 10-15k to go. I’d like to finish up this story by March as that’s when my next semester of Uni begins.

Write Sylvie’s story

This is actually another prequel. Are you getting the impression I’m putting off writing this main one yet? Anyway, this takes place after ATLGD which is still about 200 years before the novel, but this one also has huge implications on the plot. This is hopefully a shorter story, but knowing me it will also end up being around the 30k mark. I don’t really have a timeline in mind for this one, but I will start planning this as I finish up the previous one since this follows characters from that one, namely the Sylvie I mentioned in the heading. Yeah, this doesn’t have a title yet.

Reorganise and Move Forward

Once I have the details of these two stories, I’ll need to reorganise the plan for Tied Together, the actual novel. I expect that will take me maybe a week or two since I have finished the first draft of this and I know the characters and whatnot, I just needed those finer details for the major plotline. After that, I want to get back to writing it and the goal here is to write more than I have before—I’ve started this second draft a number of times and never gotten past 10k, so even if I make it to 11k I’ll count that as a win. In any hope, I’ll be at this stage by November and I can write it during NaNoWriMo which happens to coincide with my Uni holidays.

Those are all my writing goals for 2021. I hope this is much more achievable than all the goals I set myself last year. I’ll keep you all updated throughout the year as to how I go!

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