I’m Joining Turtle Recall in 2021!

Today is my sign-up post for Turtle Recall this year! This challenge focuses on reading the Discworld books from Terry Pratchett. You can read at your own speed, or follow along with the Goodreads group, if that’s more your style. To sign-up yourself, head over to the original sign-up page here!

This whole thing (including the image I’ve used here) was created and run by Annemieke from A Dance With Books. Putting aside the challenge for a moment, but Annemieke is genuinely one of the most dedicated bloggers I know. She is constantly organising things and participates in like 80 events every year, and on top of that, she’s a lovely person. So if you’re not following her already, you should go fix that now.

The Level and Books

There are a couple of different levels you can aim for depending on how many books you’d like to read and so forth. Because I’m still at the very beginning of my Discworld journey, I’m aiming for level one: the counterweight continent 1-5 books.

I’m going with this because I own the next three books in the series currently, so I know that I can get to those for sure. I’d like to collect a couple more in the series after that but that’ll depend on when I read those next three and book buying bans and that whole thing. If I can manage to read more than 5 that’ll be amazing, but I have to be realistic especially knowing how bad I am with continuing series.

And that’s it for today. Annemieke has created a number of other aspects to this challenge, some of which I’ll be participating in later in the year, so I highly checking them out.

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