My Reading Goals For 2021

It’s time today for another goals-related post for 2021! Today I’m sharing my reading goals, and it’s going to be a little different to the others as I have a video to share with you all. You can see me talk about all those goals in the video below, but I also included some extra written info down below for you all. So without further ado, let’s get into my 2021 reading goals.

Read 200 Books

It’s almost a given that this will be my most successful, if not my only, goal for this year. For me, this is the easiest one to hit. I read over 250 books last year, so 200 seems doable after that. The reason this is so easy for me in comparison to the others is that I don’t even have to think about it—I just have to read.

Have Under 200 Books On My TBR

This one will definitely be more of a struggle for me. Right now, I have 229 unread books on my shelves but I already have a list forming of books I want this year. So as I said in the video, I’m more aiming to have under 200 books on my TBR at some point during the year. I’d love for it to stick, but I just don’t know that it will.

Read All Pre-2019 Books

Even though I only have 21 books for this, this is definitely one goal I’ll have to dedicate a lot of my time too. As I said in the video, a lot of those books are classics or bigger books, so I’ll have to put a lot of thought into actually picking them up during the year.

Finish/Catch Up With 15 Series

I have so many partially read or almost finish series on my TBR so I really need to get to work on them. As mentioned in the video, I’ll be talking about a list I’ve got for those ones in a video in February which I’ll also share here. Like last year, I’ll also be sharing some progress on my historical romance series on here.

So those are my reading goals for 2021, what are yours?

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