How Do I Feel About My TBR?

Last week I got to share with you all a post I did in which I talked to a bunch of people from our not-so-little bookish community about their TBRs and how it made them feel. You can see that post here and I’d love if you did read it if you haven’t already—it’s one of the posts I’m most proud of.

But today, I’m here to answer those questions myself and see how my answers line up with everyone else. So let’s get into it!

1. How many books do you have on your TBR? And how do you feel about it?

Right now I have 202 books on my TBR. I’ve been trying really hard these last few month to keep that number down as much as I can. As for how I feel about it, I love having a big TBR. I tend to read quite a few books simultaneously so I could never survive with a small TBR. Do I wish that number were a little lower? Yes, ideally somewhere around the 100 to 150 mark feels like a good place for me to be.

I don’t feel too bad with my number especially considering I’m not really that far off the average of 155 in the grand scheme of things.

2. Do you track what’s on your TBR? Goodreads/other reading sites, spreadsheets, bullet journals etc.

I do! I primarily use spreadsheets—I have one that I track my reading on, and then one I actually use to track my TBR. It’s really nothing exciting—I only note down the title, author and the year I purchased that book in. That’s important to me because I’m trying to read everything I bought before 2019 that remains unread this year. I will talk about that more in another post towards the end of March.

I do use Goodreads as well, but more as a way of tracking the books I’d like to get and for reviews and so forth.

3. Did you TBR increase/decrease during 2020?

Amazingly it decreased. I bought a lot of books in 2020, but I also read a lot. I really tried to make sure that I ended the year with a smaller TBR than what I started with and I definitely managed that. I started 2020 with 261 and ended it with 227. I think a gap of 34 books is something to be pretty proud of!

In terms of everyone else, can you believe I’m in the minority for this? Only five people had their TBR decrease in 2020, while eight people had their number go up. I’d love to see how the answer to this question might differ in a year that isn’t 2020. I know people had trouble reading in 2020 or end up buying more, or less so this would be very interesting in a more average year.

4. Do you have any TBR related goals for 2021?

I have a whole post about my reading goals here, so you can see them all there if you’re interested. In terms of TBR though, like I mentioned I wanted to read or unhaul all those pre-2019 books and I’d also like to get my TBR under 200. I think I’m going to end up doing a mid-year reevaluation of my goals as I’m doing pretty well with them so far!

So that’s it! Those are my thoughts on my TBR. Like in the last post, I’d love to see you answers these questions (or just one or two!) in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Feel About My TBR?

  1. Ah yes I couldn’t survive without a small tbr too. Sometimes I see people mention they have just 10 books and I wonder; ‘but if the book you are in the mood for is not in that pile? Do you just…not read then?’


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