A Month of Posts | May 2021

You might have noticed that I wasn’t really around much here in April. That’s partly because I started anti-anxiety meds and partly because I was beginning work on this project.

I’m about to celebrate my one-year anniversary of Earl Grey Books and I’ve decided to do it by posting every day throughout the month of May. I’ve been very diligently working on this for the past few weeks so I hope you’ll end up enjoying it.

I’ll be doing some of my usual types of posts as well as a few different little ones, including some non-bookish content which I’m trying to include more and more at the moment. So with all that said, I hope you enjoy this month and I will see you all tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “A Month of Posts | May 2021

  1. Congratulations on your one year! I look forward to seeing what you come up with throughout May – good luck, that sounds like a lot of hard work.


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