My Favourite Historical Romances

I’ve been putting this off for a few months, but today it’s finally here—we’re talking about my favourite historical romances so far. I’m sure none of these will surprise any of you who’ve been around here a lot, but we’re going to jump in anyway.

Disclaimer: If you’re a historical romance aficionado, don’t expect to find any recommendations here. I’m still pretty new to the genre and I’m still working my way through the big name authors, so you probably won’t find anything new here.

Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

As it stands right now, Lisa Kleypas is still my most read romance author and this is still my favourite of hers so far. (Though, she is about to be overtaken on the most read part). I won’t lie, there’s a very particular scene in this one that lives rent-free in mind. But besides the fact it’s sexy as hell, I just adore Daisy and Matthew. Right from the beginning, Daisy was my favourite wallflower—I think she’s downright adorable. I suppose this one also has a place in my heart because it is the final book in the series and it wraps up what was essentially the first historical romance series I ever fell in love with. For that, I think I’ll always think of this one fondly even though I’ve been less impressed with Kleypas’ follow-on series, The Hathaways. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll enjoy some of her other series, but I don’t know that anything will ever top this one for me. If you’re new to historical romance, I think this series is a really great place to start or a great place to continue if you jumped on with the Bridgertons bandwagon.

Eleven Scandals to Start To Win A Duke’s Heart by Sarah MacLean

I’ve had an extremely mixed relationship with Sarah MacLean and her books so far. I originally tried the Scandal and Scoundrel series which I didn’t really get along with, and then I moved onto this series which was the exact opposite. I thought this series was absolutely brilliant, which by the way is called the Love by Numbers series, but this third book was my favourite. I absolutely love Juliana, in fact, I loved her cameos in the previous two books so much that I just knew this would be my favourite. I love that she’s this fiery Italian woman who doesn’t quite fit in this rigid English society that she’s being forced to live in. I love when historical romances feature characters from places other than Britain or the U.S—I love seeing that different historical perspective. I also really like the complex relationship Juliana has with her half-brothers, and especially getting to see the way it grew and changed over the three books.

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore

The Wallflowers may have been the first historical romance series I loved, but this was the book that started it all. I bought Bringing Down the Duke while I was in the US on a complete whim, having never read a historical romance before. I immediately fell in love with it and stayed up until well into the night reading it because I had to know what happened. It sparked my interest in historical romance as a genre and well, look at me now. Because of that, it will always have a special place in my heart as well but I also loved book two in the series when that was released last year. This is honestly just such a fun series, but it also talks about some important historical events like the suffragette movement, the marriage act and so on. I am beyond excited for the next book to come out later this year, so expect to hear a lot about that over the next few months.

Beware A Scot’s Revenge by Sabrina Jeffries

Is it really a post from me if I don’t talk about Sabrina Jeffries? She’s my favourite historical romance author at the moment and has been for quite a few months now. I love the way she writes and the way her series interconnect. I think Beware A Scot’s Revenge is my favourite right now. It’s the third in the School for Heiresses series and it’s just so much fun. Like every other romance reader under the sun, I love a Scottish hero and I also just think Scotland is a beautiful and interesting country to read about so it already had that going for it. I also just love the banter and tension between Venetia and Lachlan and the way that things unfold in this book. I’m about to start on my next Jeffries series, so maybe this will change in a few months time but right now, this is the favourite.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

I was pretty late to the party with Tessa Dare to be quite honest. I honestly thought she was overhyped and just didn’t quite believe she would be as good as everyone was saying, and then I read this. The thing about this one for me was that it really felt like an escape. I read historical romance when I’m struggling to read or if I’m having a bad week and this was just perfect for that. Again, it’s so much fun and there’s some top quality banter in here but there’s also a more serious side to it and that part is done very well. It’s such a sweet read at times and of course, incredibly sexy too. I haven’t continued on with the series yet as I’ve been trying to make my way through a few others but I’m hoping to get to them in the next few weeks and I’ll of course share my thoughts then. If I enjoy them even half as much as this one, I’ll be a very happy reader!

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

Did you really think you’d make it through a list about historical romance without at least one reference to the Bridgertons series? I did a whole post in December ranking which of the series I thought was best which you can check out by clicking here. Spoiler alert, for me, it was The Viscount Who Loved Me that really took the cake. I loved Anthony Bridgerton from the moment he was introduced in the first book and I just think the banter between him and Kate is absolutely brilliant. You can probably tell by this point in the post that I love a good amount of banter between the couples in romance books, or well, really in any book. Again, there’s another scene in this one that lives rent-free in my head and I have zero regrets. I can’t put into words how excited I am to see the second series of the show when we’ll get to see this story really come to life.

So those are my favourites right now. Are you a historical romance reader? What are some of your favourites?

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Historical Romances

  1. These sound so good! I mostly read contemporary romances but have read some historical romances. I love Sarah MacLean’s Daring and the Duke–the groveling was perfect. I read Tessa Dare’s Governess Game and enjoyed it a lot. I kind of pick and choose which book to read instead of read a whole series. I think that’s one thing I’ve learned to love about romance novels–most are standalones. Have you tried Courtney Milan? I recently finished The Devil Comes Courting and it wasn’t bad. Her books often include diverse representation. I enjoyed the banter in this one. I will have to make sure to check out Scandal in Spring and Bringing Down the Duke.


  2. Ooh I love this. It’s a genre I’ve only dipped into a little bit so the only one I could name other than Julia Quinn is Ericka Ridley. I’ve just read the first three Bridgerton books and agree – I love Anthony! Will have to explore some of these others – thanks!


  3. So historical fiction in general isn’t a genre I’m drawn to naturally but historical romance is (especially after Bridgerton)! Haha. These looks great 🙂 Especially the one by Julia Quinn


  4. I’ve been having a tough time with historical fiction over the years, but even still, I’ve had Evie Dunmore’s books on my TBR, just because they sound like so much fun! Maybe historical romance would be a good place for me to start in order to find my love for historical fiction again haha! These sound like such interesting books 🙂


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