Trying This Again? | Another Month of Posts

That’s right, my friends—I am once again trying to do another month of daily posting. I tried this recently in May, but then ended up starting a new job and didn’t use my time as productively as I could’ve been. But this time around, I’ve planned myself a little better. I don’t have classes until the last few days of the month, and I’ve pre-planned out my posts a lot better this time around.

So why do I keep doing these?

For one, I like the challenge. Doing something like this helps funnel the nervous energy I have into something other than sitting on my couch, either feeling exhausted or too buzzed to sleep. It gives me something extra to do outside of work to keep my brain active and mostly off social media.

And you all seem to enjoy these. My attempt in May got me the most amount of traffic I’ve had since starting my blog in May of 2020, so why wouldn’t I continue?

With that said, I will see you all tomorrow with my Watching & Listening post for June!

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