Tarot Reflections for Winter 2021

Jumping right into today’s post, I’m here to share with you some of my tarot-related thoughts for Winter. At the end of every season, I pick a couple of decks from my collection that I’d like to work with so you can see the ones I picked for this Winter here. But without further ado…

New Decks I’ve Purchased

I bought a couple of new decks this month after having not bought any for months. Two of these haven’t even arrived yet, but I wanted to count them towards Winter so that I can use them during Spring and share my thoughts on them then. Starting with two that I do have in my collection already are; Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham and the Harmony Tarot by Harmony Nice (both of these hyperlinks will take you to flip-throughs of the decks). They’re extremely different from each other but both are gorgeous. The other two decks I’m waiting on arriving are; The White Numen Tarot and the Star Spinner Tarot. Obviously, since I don’t have either of these yet I don’t feel like I can really comment on them at all.

The Decks I Used

If you know me at all, you’re probably unsurprised to hear that I instantly became obsessed with my new shiny deck and pretty much ignored all the others I own. I’d been feeling a little uninspired by tarot lately and so this was kind of the perfect thing. Obviously, with it being Winter, the Dark Wood Tarot had the perfect sort of cold, dark vibes. However, it is a really nice deck to work with and it also has a gorgeous, well-thought-out book and nice cardstock as well. All in all, it was just the thing I needed to get me back into wanting to play around with my collection again.

So sort of a short little post today, but I’ll be back in a few days time to show you the decks I’ve picked for Spring!

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