I Let My Friends Pick My Book Haul: Helen and Lana

It’s time for my next little round up in this series where I let my friends pick my book hauls. Today we have the videos from Helen and Lana’s picks. If you’re interested in seeing all the videos so far, you can find the playlist right here but without further ado.

Helen @ Helen’s Book Haven

Helen is genuinely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met so it was so great to have her pick some books for me. She’s an extremely underrated booktuber—she creates some of the best readathons on the platform and is extremely dedicated and always ready with some words of support. If you’re not already subscribed to her, then you’re seriously missing out!

Lana @ Lore & Lullabies

Where to even begin with Lana? She is truly the Queen of Chaos & Indie Reads on booktube, but she’s also a super lovely, funny and supportive person and friend. I feel so lucky to count her among my best booktube friends. This haul is a little bit of strange one as I don’t actually have any of the books to haul because of lockdown, but I wanted to get this video out anyway!

That’s it for today! I’ll be back with the last of these posts in November with picks from another two lovely friends of mine, but until then…

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