Can I Finish My 2021 Goals?

This year I’ve been sticking to quarterly updates on my reading goals, but I thought today it might be fun to do a mid-quarter check-in to see whether I’ll actually be able to achieve these goals or not. Maybe it’ll even help me kick my butt into gear.

For this, I’ve obviously excluded the goals I’ve already completed, but you can see how I was doing at my last quarterly check-in in this video here. But without further ado…

Read 200 Books

This is always my least stressful goal, which probably sounds quite strange to some people but I know I’ll easily hit this goal. I’m writing this post a few days ahead, but I’m currently at 171 books so I’m not too stressed about getting to that 200 by the end of the year. In fact, I might even make myself a stretch goal when December rolls around.

Under 200 Books On My TBR

Technically I did achieve this goal because I originally set it as reaching under 200 once during the year, which I did a few times at the very start of the year. However, there’s absolutely no way I’ll be getting back down to that as I’m now pushing 270. I would like to make it back under 250 by the end of the year so I can hopefully aim for that under 200 goal in 2022.

Finish 15 Series

This is one that sort of hangs in the balance. If I actually dedicate some time to this goal I could probably do it, but if I just read whatever then there’s no way I’ll achieve it. I currently have 8 series finished and I have a number that I could finish if I put my mind to it but it really depends on whether I remember to do that or not. This one will remain to be seen, I guess.

What about you? Are you on track to finish your goals this year?

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