Authors I’d Like To Read In 2022

I love making posts about authors—my most read ones, ones I want to try, ones I won’t read again and so on. But one of my favourite author-related posts to do at the start of a new year is to put together a list list of authors I’d like to priortise that year. So today that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Katee Robert

I discovered Katee Robert last year when Neon Gods came out and since then I’ve kind of become obsessed with her. I read Neon Gods and Desperate Measures, and I’ve now got Electric Idol and the rest of the Wicked Villains series waiting for me on my shelves so I really need to get to them.

Elise Kova

I also have a few of Elise Kova’s books waiting for me. Last year, I decided I’d reread the Air Awakens series which I reread the first book, but now have books three and four to go before I can go on to finally finishing the series by reading book five, Crystal Crowned.

Seanan McGuire

I’ve never actually read any Seanan McGuire before, and I only actually have Rosemary and Rue on my shelves but I’d really like to get to it. I bought this originally for a reading project I had in mind—I do still want to do that so maybe I should bite the bullet and start with this.

Rick Riordan

I’m a little behind on my Riordan reading these days. I had this big plan to read the entire Heroes of Olympus series over Christmas this year, which I definitely did not do. I wanted to do that before moving on with any of his others, so I guess I should get a move on with that.

Nalini Singh

I have accumulated quite the collection of Nalini Singh books lately. I loved Slave to Sensation so much that I pretty much immediately bought the next few in the series. I can’t put into words how excited I am to continue with the rest of them.

J.D Robb

I also have quite the collection of J.D Robb books so I really should get around to reading those too. At this point, I just need like a whole week every month to just dedicate some reading time to each of these authors.

And that’s it for today. Have you read any of these authors? Do you have a list you’d like to get to in 2022?

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