Reacting to the 2022 Swoon Awards Semi-Finals

Earlier this week, the Swoon Awards announced the nominations for this year’s semi-finals and I wanted to go through and share what I’ve read, what I’ve got on my shelves and whatnot.

I’m so happy to see so many nominations in the different categories. I think this is an amazing thing put together by the organisers and so I’m so glad to see that it’s grown this year. I’ve not gone through each of the different categories in the post only the ones I’m personally interested in, so I recommend going and checking out their website or Twitter to see the full list.

Finally, all the graphics below were taken from their Twitter so all credit goes to the Swoonies team for putting those together.

Historical Romance

I thought this would be the genre I’d be all over, to be quite honest. But I’ve actually only read one—Subtle Blood by K.J Charles, but I do have a number of others on my shelves already; Portrait of a Scotsman, Bombshell and The Queer Principles of Kit Webb. There were actually a lot on here I’d never heard of, but I’ll definitely be looking into them.

Contemporary Romance

I’m not really much of a contemporary romance fan so I didn’t really expect to have read any. I did, of course, read One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston last year though as well as Seven Days in June. I also have a number of these on my shelf, or that I’d like to get to; Well Matched, the Chloe Liese titles, Battle Royal, Twice Shy and quite a few others.

Fantasy Romance

I had expected to have read quite a few of these, but a lot of the fantasy romance I do read is indie and none of them made the list. So I haven’t read any of these, and the only one I have is For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten which I honestly didn’t even realise was a romance. I honestly thought it was just plain fantasy.

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

It’s probably unsurprising that I also haven’t read any of these. But I do have Death by Laura Thalassa waiting for me, half-read. I’m also at the very beginning of my Nalini Singh journey, but I’ve loved everything I’ve read so far.

Holiday Romance

I’m usually not a holiday romance reader at all, but this year I have actually read two—Duke, Actually by Jenny Holiday and The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese. I highly doubt I’m going to read any of the others, but this list might be a good jumping off point for later in the year.

Debut Romance

I technically haven’t read any of these either as I DNFed Sweatband by N.G Peltier. But a couple of these do crossover with other categories, so I’ll hope I’ll manage to read some of these too. I also have Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers waiting for me on my Kindle so I’m pretty excited for that one.

Are you voting for the Swoon Awards this year? Are there any of here that you’d recommend to me?

4 thoughts on “Reacting to the 2022 Swoon Awards Semi-Finals

  1. I consider myself a newbie when it comes to adult romance (I love YA romance, but I’ve never ventured into the world of adult romance that much), so I find this post to be quite helpful. So far, I’ve discovered that I enjoy historical romance (contemporary romance is, surprisingly, a hit or miss for me), and I would like to dive into fantasy romance some time in the future. It seems like a genre I would definitely enjoy. 😃


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