Bookish Apps and Services I’ll Be Using In 2022

There are so many different bookish apps, services and website out there these days. Seriously, I remember when I first started book blogging back in 2012 and it was basically just Goodreads that existed. But today I thought I’d go through and share with you the ones I’m using in 2022, so without further ado…

Kindle Unlimited

I love Kindle Unlimited. I love it so much. It’s honestly saved me so much time and money because it’s a low-risk way for me to test out different indie authors and series that I’m interested in or considering buying. I’ve found a lot of amazing ones from KU, but it’s also kept me from buying ones that I tried and discovered it wasn’t for me. I’ve been using it for three years now and I don’t see myself cancelling my subscription for the time being.


I used Scribd for about six years before cancelling it at the end of 2020. I decided to re-subscribe in April of 2021, mostly so I could use books off there for Eurovisionathon. It’s honestly a great service for finding things you’re pretty sure you won’t find anywhere else and I like that you get eBooks, audiobooks and etc all in one subscription. I’m going to be tracking how much I actually use it in the lead up to Eurovisionathon, and I might decide to cancel after the readathon ends, we’ll see.


I think I’ve talked about Bookly once before, but I started using it in early 2020 mostly to give myself a little bit of structure during the many, many lockdowns we had here. It’s basically a little app that lets you track how many pages you read in a day, how long it’ll take you to finish a book etc. This is one of the very few apps that I use absolutely every single day, so I’ll be continuing that in 2022.

Fable Crate

Now we move on to book boxes. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of subscription boxes—they very rarely work for me. I end up stockpiling the books until eventually, I admit I don’t care about those books and unhaul them. Fable Crate has been different for me so far—I’ve been genuinely interested in reading all the books I’ve had so far. I have to admit that I’m still not a huge fan of all the little merch things, but I’ve been able to pass on some of the stuff I know I’ll never use to people who will so I don’t feel so bad about it. I always do unboxings of these, so you can see my little playlist of those here and down below.

The Discovery Pack from Amplify Bookstore

Amplify, which is easily one of my favourite bookstores, just launched their Discovery Pack this month. I’ll leave a link to the page here, but the basics are that every two months they send out a box with two boxes from a different region—for example, February’s is Oceania, as well as a few little goodies. I like this because you can choose the books yourself or let them decide, but you also don’t end up with mountains of merch you don’t need. You also get to discover some new books, which is always a plus obviously.

So those are the things I’m using right now. Do you have any bookish services or apps that you like to use?

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